Buffalo Bills jerseys

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Jim Kelly The Buffalo Bills are a solid organization within the National Football League. This team competes in the AFC East Division of the NFL. Buffalo Bills jerseys are very popular and worn by many across the nation. These Buffalo Bills jerseys are especially worn by people in the north east. People all over the city of Buffalo pull for the Bills and hope to see the team do well. The Bills have had some struggling seasons, but have also had many successful years. Are you looking to pick up your very own Buffalo Bills jerseys?

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Before The NFL

Buffalo Bills jerseys first started to come around in the year of 1960. This is when the organization first started. In 1960, the Buffalo Bills were part of the American Football League. This was prior to them joining the NFL. The AFL and NFL joined together in 1970 and this is when the Bills moved leagues. The Bills have always remained in the city of Buffalo. They were formerly known as the Bison’s. They eventually had a name change to the Bills when they had a contest to rename the team. The Bills was the winning name and is still carried with them today. You will see the old Buffalo Bills jerseys and today’s new Buffalo Bills jerseys out on the market. Fans will wear all kinds of their favorite Buffalo Bills jerseys in support for the team.

Back To Back

Prior to joining the NFL, the Bills had lots of success. They won back to back championships in 1964 and 1965. The team was thriving and was at the top of the league. Buffalo Bills jerseys were quite popular due to all of their success and people knew who the Bills were. After the 1970 merger they did not have as much success as before. The team would end up going through one of the longest playoff droughts in sports. From 1999 to 2017 the Buffalo Bills would not end up making the playoffs. The city of Buffalo was wanting some more years like they had in the 1960’s. Buffalo Bills jerseys continued to sell. Many people would still wear their Buffalo Bills jerseys in support of their favorite team.

Good Years

The two championships that the Buffalo Bills won in 1964 and 1965 are the only two that the organization has won thus far. These championships made for some proud fans and there are still fans today who wear their Buffalo Bills jerseys proudly due to those great years. Along with these two championships the Buffalo Bills have had some other successful seasons. They have made it to the playoffs eighteen times and became the division champions in eleven of those seasons. Out of those eighteen times that they had made it to the playoffs, the Bills would win the conference championship four times. The most recent conference titles came in the years of 1992 and 1993. I’m sure many Buffalo Bills jerseys were worn and purchased during those successful years and championship runs. Fans all across the country love their Bills and their Buffalo Bills jerseys.

New Era Field

Buffalo Bills jerseys

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The Buffalo Bills play at New Era Field today. This stadium has been around since 1973. There have been all kinds of different Buffalo Bills jerseys seen at this stadium throughout the years. This stadium had many names prior to being called New Era Field. It was previously known as Rich Stadium and Ralph Wilson Stadium. This field is located in the southern part of Buffalo. The construction costs to build this stadium was around 22 million dollars back when it was built. Renovations have been done to the stadium in the years of 1998 and 2013. The fans enjoy coming to this stadium to support and root on their Bills. Many Buffalo Bills jerseys are sold here. It creates for a fun atmosphere, but sometimes it can get quite chilly. Buffalo is a cold city, but that doesn’t keep these great fans from supporting their team.

Past Players

The Buffalo Bills have had many different great athletes come through their organization. Buffalo Bills jerseys have been selling for years. There are some Buffalo Bills jerseys that are more legendary then others. There have been three athletes whose numbers have been retired by the Buffalo bills. These old Buffalo Bills jerseys are the most popular and well-known. The three players include Jim Kelly, Thurman Thomas, and Bruce Smith. These were some solid players and the fans loved when they were a part of their squad. Jim Kelly played quarterback, Thomas played running back, and Smith played defensive end. These guys will forever have some vintage Buffalo Bills jerseys. Who will be the next legendary Buffalo Bill?

Today’s Stars

Along with the legendary Buffalo Bills jerseys, the team has some great Buffalo Bills jerseys from today’s current players. Some of the popular Bills players of today include guys like Josh Allen, LeSean McCoy, Zay Jones, and Matt Milano. Josh Allen is a recent pick up by the Bills as he was their first round draft pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. He plays quarterback while McCoy is the running back for the team. Zay plays wide receiver and Milano plays on the defensive side of the game as a linebacker. There are kids all over the city of Buffalo who look up to these guys and hope to one day be as good as them at the game of football. They wear and represent them by wearing their Buffalo Bills jerseys.

Buffalo Bills Jerseys

The Buffalo Bills are a solid NFL organization and have had some great seasons. The Buffalo Bills jerseys are very popular and have some great designs. These Buffalo Bills jersey are made up of the colors of red, blue, and white. They have different shades of blue from navy blue to royal blue. These colors can make for some great Buffalo Bills jerseys. The fans are hoping to see another championship run come soon for the team. It will be fun to see when their next big year is! Please leave comments below.

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