Brandin Cooks Jersey

Brandin Cooks Jersey

One of the top wide receivers in the game of football today goes by the name of Brandin Cooks. A Brandin Cooks jersey is a very popular jersey especially for the fans of the Los Angeles Rams. Cooks is one of the Rams top players and the city of Los Angeles loves what he is able to do on the gridiron. The dude has great hands and kids all over the nation dream of one day being as good at the game of football as Brandin Cooks. He has many skills and they are only seeming to improve.

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Terrible Tragedy

Brandin was born and raised in the city of Stockton, California along with his three brothers. At the age of six a tragedy hit Brandin and the Cooks family. His father ended up dying from a heart attack. I can’t imagine what they had to go through and how hard that must have been. Losing a family member like that is something that nobody should have to go through. Brandin and his brothers were then raised by his mother. As Brandin Cooks grew up, he got involved in multiple different sports. Cooks attended Lincoln High School there in California. While at Lincoln High he ended up participating in the sports of football, basketball, and track. He was wanting to make a Brandin Cooks jersey famous one day. Cooks was quite the athlete, but he excelled in one sport in particular. The game of football was Brandin’s specialty.

Always Improving

Lincoln High School was lucky with the football player they had on their team in Brandin. He played wide receiver while going to school there and his numbers just continued to increase each year in every category. During his sophomore year he had 7 touchdowns and about 600 receiving yards. During his junior year he had 10 touchdowns with over 700 yards receiving. In Brandin’s senior season he had 11 touchdowns with over 1,100 reception yards. Cooks continued to improve each season and that is what you want to see with a player. He got lots of notice for his skills on the football field and became ranked as the 26th best wide receiver in the nation.

Becoming That College Football Star

Due to the success that Cooks had, he received attention from multiple division one schools. Two of the big schools that he had interest from included UCLA and Oregon State. Brandin was going to go to UCLA, but then changed his mind and decided to attend Oregon State University. The Beavers were excited to have this young star on their team and excited to see how he would perform. Just like in high school, Brandin continued to improve in each one of the years while at Oregon State. During his freshman season he had three touchdowns with over 300 receiving yards. In Cooks sophomore season he had five touchdowns with over 1,100 receiving yards. During his junior season Cooks had sixteen touchdowns with over 1,700 receiving yards. The kid just continued to grow and get better. He had become one of the top receivers in the game of college football.

College Accomplishments

While at Oregon State, Brandin Cooks held some Pac-12 records. The Pac-12 is the conference that Oregon State competes in. The receiving yards and number of receptions that Cooks had during his junior season became records in the conference. He had a very successful season and won the Fred Biletnikoff Award at the end of the season. Along with winning this award he was also named as an All-American. The dude could flat out play at the game of football. This did not go unnoticed by the scouts at the professional level. Would there be a Brandin Cooks jersey made for an NFL team?

Chasing Down His Dream

Brandin Cooks decided to enter into the 2014 NFL Draft and not go back to Oregon State for his senior season. He wanted to chase down the dream of playing in the National Football League. Professional scouts liked what they saw in Brandin. With the 20th overall pick in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft the New Orleans Saints selected Brandin Cooks. A Brandin Cooks jersey was about to become famous. What an exciting moment for Brandin and his family. He was about to go on another journey. This one he got paid for though and he signed a four-year deal with the Saints for 8.3 million dollars. That’s a pretty solid deal, welcome to the NFL Mr. Cooks.

Rookie Season Cut Short

Brandin Cooks Jersey

Brandin Cooks Jersey

During his very first game with the New Orleans Saints, Brandin scored a touchdown and had over 70 yards. That is pretty neat to score a touchdown in your first ever NFL game. His Rookie season ended up being cut short though due to an injury that took place. Cooks ended up breaking his thumb in the game when the Saints faced off against the Cincinnati Bengals. This would end his season, but Brandin would come back and have success in the NFL. Cooks played in many games for the Saints during his time with them. In 2017, Cooks would be joining a different team though. The Saints traded Brandin to the New England Patriots. The Brandin Cooks jersey had gone from being black and orange to blue and red.

Success In New England

The Patriots wanted Brandin Cooks to be a part of their squad. He was on the rise and was becoming one of the best wide receivers in the game of football. During just one of his first games with the Patriots he scored the game winning touchdown. He was making his mark in New England and the fans started to love him. Scoring the game winning touchdown sure is a good way to get the fans to be on your side. Brandin ended up having lots more success with the Patriots and helped lead them to the playoffs as well. In 2018 the Brandin Cooks jersey would be changing colors again. Cooks was traded again to the city of Los Angeles.

Heading To Los Angeles

In April 2018 the Patriots traded Brandin Cooks to the Los Angeles Rams. Cooks ended up signing a five-year deal with the Rams. It will be fun to watch this NFL star make his mark as a Ram. He has had quite a bit of NFL success up to this point in his career. It will be interesting to see if he will be able to make a run at a Super Bowl ring or an MVP award one year. The sky is the limit for this kid and he has had a solid track record of continuous improvement throughout the years.

Brandin Cooks Jersey

Brandin Cooks is one of the top NFL wide receivers and has lots of potential. Fans all over the country own a Brandin Cooks jersey. Will he take his career to the next level and end up being one of the greatest to ever play the game? I guess we will have to wait and see what kind of future the game of football has for Brandin. Will he end up getting a Super Bowl ring? Please leave comments below.

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