Boston Celtics jerseys

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The Boston Celtics have been one of the most successful organizations in the game of basketball. They compete in the Eastern Conference of the National Basketball Association. Young players all over the country hope to one day play in the NBA and put on those Boston Celtics jerseys. The Celtics have won multiple NBA titles and have had some stars play for them over the years. Boston Celtics jerseys have become very popular. Fans in the Boston area love to cheer on and support their Celtics!

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Boston For Life

These Boston Celtics jerseys and organization started in the city of Boston and has stayed there ever since. They were formed in June of 1946 and were one of the first teams to be established. The Celtics struggled right at the beginning, but after a few years they started to become more of a winning team…especially when a man by the name of Bill Russell came along. A Bill Russell jersey is a legendary jersey. Russell helped turn the Celtics into a championship team and they had a dynasty during the years he played with them. Bill would help the Celtics win eleven championships. The city of Boston celebrated these championships and many of the old Boston Celtics jerseys represented the success that they had as an organization. Eleven titles in thirteen years…the Celtics couldn’t be stopped.

Larry The Legend

After Russell had left the Celtics didn’t win as many championships as before, but they continued to be successful. It’s hard to compete with the dynasty that they had when Bill played for them. Another super star would come to the city of Boston soon though. He went by the name of Larry Bird and became the Celtics new young star. A Larry Bird jersey is one of the most valuable Boston Celtics jerseys. Larry helped lead the Celtics to many successful seasons. Throughout his time with the team they would end up making many playoff appearances and he would lead them to three more NBA Championship victories. The city of Boston was back on the championship train. They loved the player they had in Bird. The Celtics continued to build a winning organization.

Most NBA Titles

After the Larry Bird Era the city of Boston wouldn’t experience another championship until the 2008 season. They had a few years where they struggled and weren’t nearly as successful as they once were. The 2008 championship season is during the time when they had the so-called ‘Big Three’. This included Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett. These guys were three super stars and it was difficult for teams to beat them. Many of these guys Boston Celtics jerseys sold a lot. Fans all over the country and the city of Boston loved these Boston Celtics jerseys. The Celtics organization has the most NBA championships out of all the NBA teams. They have won the title 17 times. That is crazy.

The Rivalry

Boston Celtics jerseys

Kyrie Irving jersey

There are all kinds of rivalries in the sports world, but one of the best ones in professional basketball is between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics. The Lakers and Celtics have a rivalry that started all the way back in the 1960’s when Bill Russell payed for them. The teams have met in the NBA Finals year after year and have actually faced each other in the championship twelve different times. During the 80’s is when the two super stars faced off against each other. This was between Larry Bird and Magic Johnson. Magic played for the Lakers and the Magic Johnson jersey is quite a popular jersey as well. The Lakers only have one less NBA championship than the Celtics. This has always been a solid, heated match-up when these two teams collide.

The Garden

Many Boston Celtics jerseys are sold at the Boston Garden. This is where the Celtics play their games. It is also known as TD Garden and is located in Boston, Massachusetts. This great arena is home to one of the most historical basketball organizations. The Garden was opened in 1995 and cost about 160 million dollars to build. That is a lot of cash, but those championships outweigh the costs in many fans minds. People from all over the country enjoy coming here to watch the Celtics play. Many of these fans are wearing their very own Boston Celtics jerseys. The Garden is not only home to the Celtics, but also is used for the NHL hockey team; the Boston Bruins. Concerts, conventions, and other events are also held at this space.

Today’s Celtics

There have been some past legends who have played for the Celtics, but there are many stars today who are currently a part of this great squad. These players include guys like Kyrie Irving, Jayson Tatum, and Gordon Hayward. These guys sure know how to play the game of basketball and can put on a show for the fans. Jayson Tatum is one of the team’s younger stars and his jersey is very popular. Many people have their own Jayson Tatum jersey and one day it could be quite valuable. He sure has a bright future, as do all of the stars. They are looking to be a part of the Celtics next NBA title. The city of Boston is looking to their players today to create the next Boston dynasty and bring that trophy back home.

Boston Celtics Jerseys

Boston Celtics jerseys are some of the most popular jerseys in the game of basketball. They have had some great players come through their organization and wear these jerseys. The Boston Celtics jerseys have not had a lot of change to them. The Celtics colors include green, white, and black. The original green Boston Celtics jerseys have been around for a long time. The design and colors have not changed very much. There are some sweet looking black Boston Celtics jerseys that are more recent. They didn’t have the black jerseys back when Bill Russell and Larry Bird were playing. These black jerseys are some of the ones worn today from guys like Kyrie Irving. The black Kyrie Irving jersey is a sharp jersey. Which Boston Celtics jerseys are your favorites? Do you prefer the green, white, or new black? Please leave comments below!

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