Bill Russell Jersey

Bill Russell Jersey

A Bill Russell jersey; this Boston Celtics jersey number 6 was worn by a man who had an impact within the game of basketball and outside of the game as well. His path to greatness is a very interesting one which had a lot of growth and challenges along the way. There are fans all across the country who love and support this NBA star. Many of them own their very own Bill Russell jersey. Bill Russell went on to become one of the greatest players in Boston Celtics history and the history of the National Basketball Association. Check out the image or the link below to pick up your very own Bill Russell jersey!

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Bill’s Challenging Childhood

Bill was born and raised in the state of Louisiana as a young boy. He was born in the 1930’s and during this era racism was something that was still very prevalent, especially in the south. There was segregation and discrimination that Bill had to grow up with. This kind of society is the one that he had to face. Bill and his family ended up moving to California as his dad was relocating for his job and was hoping to find work there. He ended up finding work and some new opportunity, but it wasn’t enough to fully support the Russell family. Bill ended up having to go to an orphanage for a little while due to the lack of money and his father having to work all the time. This was a challenge for Bill, but he started to get into the game of basketball. He had no idea that one day the Bill Russell jersey would become very well-known.

Turning To The Game

Little did Bill Russell know that he would turn into a star years down the road. He was naturally big and tall, which are two very helpful tools to have in the game of basketball. Russell struggled with the fundamentals and skills of the game, but he had natural ability and God given gifts. He had a hard time with the game in middle school, but continued to try to improve in high school. Bill showed perseverance and never gave up. He continued to work…and that is something that brings success.

Working Hard

Bill Russell still wasn’t the best player throughout high school, but he continued to work hard. His size and height was a big help and Bill eventually started to get the hang of it. Things started to turn around and in his favor due to his hard work. Russell was into the defensive game and became a great defender and shot blocker. Russell never got a lot of attention throughout high school, but there was one school that noticed his potential. He continued to learn and grow within the game and was offered one scholarship to play the game of basketball at the college level. He took the opportunity and ran with it.

Bill Russell Jersey

City Of Boston

The College Opportunity

The University of San Francisco was the school that recognized the talent of the young Bill Russell and offered him a scholarship to come play for them. They would not regret their decision as Bill would become one of the greatest athletes to come through their school and would have a great impact while he was there. He began to dominate the game and helped lead the university to two back-to-back championships. The Bill Russell jersey was starting to become well known and recognized. The University of San Francisco sure were glad they took a chance on the young kid.

NBA Prospect

With the success that Russell had in college and the amount that he transformed, he sure became a top NBA prospect. He learned how to take the natural talents he was given and turn them into skills within the game. The St. Louis Hawks drafted Russell with the second pick in the 1956 NBA Draft, but the draft rights were traded to the Boston Celtics. The Celtics ended up getting Russell in exchange for some other players. The Boston Celtics had just received a player that would end up changing the organization and the path of the team. The Bill Russell jersey was being made in the Boston green. This Bill Russell jersey would go down as one of the greatest jerseys in the history of Boston.

The Dynasty

Before Bill, the Celtics had never won an NBA title. Russell would go on to lead them to winning eleven championships within the thirteen seasons that he played with them. They won these championships in 1957, 1959, 1960, 1961, 1962, 1963, 1964, 1965, 1966, 1968, and 1969. Talk about having a dynasty. That was one team in sports that could not be beaten for years and this Celtics squad was the top dog for a while. It took many years before another team came along and knocked them off their pedestal. Check out the video below on Bill Russell and his accomplishments!

Great Numbers

Throughout his career, Bill Russell put up some incredible numbers. He had 21,620 career rebounds and averaged 22.5 rebounds per game. The man was a rebounding machine. He had a couple games where he had over 40 rebounds and one game with 50 plus rebounds. He was getting after it. Along with his rebounds he averaged 15.1 points per game and 4.3 assists. Bill could play the game and this made the Bill Russell jersey very popular. Fans loved watching him play and there were many who wanted to get their own Bill Russell jersey.

Olympic Gold Medal

He also helped lead the United States Olympic Basketball Team to the winning of a gold medal in the 1956 Summer Olympics. This was another great accomplishment by Bill. He had one a championship in college, in the pros, and the Olympics. The man knew how to win and help the guys around him learn as well. Bill Russell was a team guy and made his teammates he played with better. Along with all these championships Russell was a 12-time All Star and a 5-time Most Valuable Player. His stat line shows just how good of a player that he was.

Eleven Championships

There are many memorable moments that came throughout Bill Russell’s career, but one of the most memorable came during the 1969 NBA Finals. Bill Russell was a player-coach at the time and was going for his eleventh championship. The Lakers were highly favored in this game with some stars like Wilt Chamberlain and Jerry West. Bill Russell led his team to a victory of 108-106 with his great coaching ability and this is known as one of the greatest upsets in the game of basketball. This marked the end of the phenomenal streak by Russell. I would almost consider it a dynasty…winning 11 championships out of the 13 years he was there. What an incredible accomplishment.

Bill Russell Jersey

Basketball Hoop

Make A Difference

Bill Russell was different from a lot of other stars. Many stars and celebrities remain silent on political and social issues, but not Russell. He wanted to share his thoughts and have an impact outside just the game of basketball. He wanted to have a greater influence. Russell participated in the March on Washington, which was a civil rights movement in 1963. He thought it was important to represent what is right and to show that what was occurring at that time in the country was wrong. The popularity and star status that many athletes have can give them an opportunity and platform to share their thoughts and beliefs. Some choose not to, but some decide to. This platform can be used to make the world a better place by loving one another. Bill Russell wanted to show this and not just let life go by without making a difference.

Medal of Freedom

Bill Russell realized it is about having a positive impact on the people and world around you. That was important to Bill and he ended up being awarded the Medal of Freedom by Barack Obama. After his career he also helped write many books and shared his experience, thoughts, and beliefs. Bill Russell did more than just play the game of basketball…he stood up for what he believed in and wanted to make a positive impact on the world. He didn’t just go through the motions of life, but asked himself how he could use his talents and abilities along with the opportunities he has been given to make a difference. I challenge you to strive to do the same.

Bill Russell Jersey

Bill Russell is one of the greatest all-time NBA legends. The Bill Russell jersey has become very popular and is recognized as a legendary jersey. He did more than just play the game of basketball, but had an impact off the court as well. That’s what its all about. Where does Russell rank among your all-time list? Please leave your thoughts and comments below!

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  1. Definitely going to have to pick up a Bill Russell jersey! Thanks for all the extra info about him! Will definitely be back to this site!

  2. A very encouraging story. I like that Russell was not the most naturally gifted and spectacular young athlete, but that he worked at it and plugged away until he achieved great things, for himself, his teammates and his family.

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