Best NBA Throwback Jerseys

best NBA throwback jerseys

Michael Jordan Jersey

The National Basketball Association has been around for years and there have been many great individuals and all-star teams pass through. Many people are familiar with the names of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson. They all have some of the best NBA throwback jerseys, but there are also some other classic jerseys that are worth remembering. Many of these throwback jerseys have changed throughout the years along with the teams and organizations. Let us take a look at how the jerseys of the National Basketball Association have evolved.

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Pinstripes and Color Changes

There are basketball jerseys with all different colors and styles. The

best NBA throwback jerseys

Larry Johnson Jersey

Brooklyn Nets are an example of one team that has changed throughout the years. They have had a few different names and were not always labeled as the city of Brooklyn. The Nets used to be the New Jersey Nets and the New York Nets at one time. One of their jerseys was blue with red lettering and another one had a very American looking style to it. It was a white jersey with red and blue stripes down the side along with stars. This American style jersey is recognized by many as one of the best NBA throwback jerseys. Another jersey that made this list of the best NBA throwback jerseys was the Charlotte Hornets throwback jersey. This jersey was a unique all blue color. This classic throwback was worn during the era of Muggsy Bogues and Larry Johnson.

Different Colors

best NBA throwback jerseys

Kevin Durant Throwback Jersey

The Cleveland Cavaliers were one team that had different colors in their old uniforms. In today’s game they have the color wine and gold, but back in the day they had a jersey with the colors of black, blue, and orange. This sure is a change compared to the colors we associate with the Cavs today. Along with the Cavs, the Oklahoma City Thunder are another team that completely changed their colors as well to bring about one of the best NBA throwback jerseys. They used to be the Seattle Supersonics and wore the colors of green and yellow. The Supersonics drafted one of the biggest superstars of today’s game, Kevin Durant. Today you will see the Thunders jerseys consist of orange, blue, and black.

Rockin’ The Pinstripes

best NBA throwback jerseys

Shaquille O’Neal Jersey

The Houston Rockets had a detailed pinstripe jersey with the Rockets logo in the center of it. Many NBA fans will still be wearing this jersey around today. This Houston Rockets jersey is seen as one of the best NBA throwback jerseys and is a fan favorite. The jersey is white and red and the rocket in the middle is circling around a basketball. The list of the best NBA throwback jerseys just wouldn’t be the same without the pinstripe jerseys. Another team with a famous pin stripe jersey was the Orlando Magic. The Magic had all black jerseys with blue pinstripes running down them. They had the star on the jersey that is well-known for the Magic as well. Shaquille O’Neal and Penny Hardaway are two players who wore this all black pinstripe Orlando jersey. Magic fans love to see these jerseys still to this day. Two of the franchises best players wore these legendary throwback jerseys. Do you have a favorite NBA throwback jersey yet? Well, lets keep on going…there’s more!

Not Much Change

best NBA throwback jerseys

Julius Erving Jersey

The New York Knicks and the Boston Celtics are two teams that have kept the same colors and haven’t changed too much throughout the years. Some of the best NBA throwback jerseys are the ones that haven’t had much change. The Celtics have always remained green and the Knicks have kept their orange and blue. Patrick Ewing wore the classic Knicks jersey that was blue with the orange lettering running across the front of it. The famous jerseys from the Philadelphia 76ers organization is the throwback jerseys that were worn by Allen Iverson and Julius Erving. These Philadelphia superstars wore a few different jerseys including the all red jerseys that had the blue lettering. The black and white Iverson jerseys is a very popular as well. One of the best NBA throwback jerseys came from a team that completely changed their name. The Washington Wizards back in the day were known as the Baltimore Bullets. The letters “L” in the name were designed as two defenders arms up in the air. Now let’s take a look at some of the best NBA throwback jerseys with a more bold and detailed design.

Bold And Detailed Designs

best NBA throwback jerseys

Ray Allen Jersey

Some of the NBA teams had much bolder and eye-catching jerseys. Many of these NBA throwback jerseys had big logos or letters and seemed to have a lot more artistic design. The Atlanta Hawks are one team that represented this type of throwback jersey. Their jersey had a giant hawk in the middle of it with a basketball clenched in between its claws. The Detroit Pistons throwback jersey had an intimidating looking piston on it with fire coming off of his mane. The letter “s” on the end of pistons turned into pipes as it ran across the jersey. The Milwaukee Bucks joined in on the big logo trend as they had a deer with giant antlers run up the whole side and front of the jersey. This Bucks jersey had the same colors that they have today which are green and purple. This big logo trend is very popular among the best NBA throwback jerseys and you will still see these jerseys around today.

Multiple Colors

best NBA throwback jerseys

John Stockton Jersey

The Denver Nuggets had a jersey that was all kinds of different colors. It had a picture of the Rocky Mountains with just about every color of the rainbow mixed into it. Another team that had mountains on their jersey was the Utah Jazz. Their jersey didn’t have as many colors and was mainly shades of purple along with blue and white. The Memphis Grizzlies were one team that had a different city back in the day. They were formerly known as the Vancouver Grizzlies and had a bright teal jersey with a big bear in the middle of it. The bear on this jersey has a basketball clenched between its claws. There was a neat detailed design on this jersey around the outside of the teal. Details and design were a critical part of some of the best NBA throwback jerseys.

Detailed Outlining

best NBA throwback jerseys

Vince Carter Jersey

The Minnesota Timberwolves were also one team that had a detailed outlining of the jersey. This is what helped get them on the list of the best NBA throwback jerseys. The Timberwolves throwback jersey was all black with green lettering. This jersey was outlined with pine trees around the sleeves and outer edges of the jersey. The Toronto Raptors were another team that had a big design on the front of the jersey. They had a purple jersey with the big raptor on the front of it playing basketball. This jersey is recognized as being worn by Vince Carter. These throwback jerseys had bold, unique, and detailed design work. They are some classic jerseys that the NBA teams, organizations, and fans will continue to remember for a very long time.

Greater Meaning

The best NBA throwback jerseys you see above have a lot of meaning. Many of these jerseys represent a team, city, and an individual. The great thing about sports jerseys is that they mean something different to everyone. Some people associate a certain jersey with a memory or a loved one they know. People make connections in all kinds of ways. A lot of the players who are shown on these jerseys have a greater meaning in life than just the game of basketball though. One of the jerseys seen above is the classic Seattle Supersonics jersey with the name Durant on the back. Kevin Durant is a great basketball player and is seen as one of the best players in the game today. Not only does he have one of the best NBA throwback jerseys, but he believes in so much more than just the game of basketball. Durant knows there is more to life than basketball and has great faith in Christ Jesus.

Kevin Durant’s Faith

Being a part of the NBA and the big spotlight can get to a players head. Durant is one of the most well-known superstars in the game today, but he states that he tries to always remain humble. In an interview with Beyond the Ultimate, Durant mentions the Bible. He talks about where it says in scripture that the Lord exalts humility. Durant goes on to say that this is one thing he tries to be all the time. Kevin says the following about trying to stay humble in the midst of all the cameras and fame:

“I have to be thankful to the Lord for the gifts He’s given me. My gift back to Him is to always be humble and always work as hard as I can,”

Connecting To Scripture

This is a great mindset to have and something that we all can learn and try to apply to our own lives. Being thankful and staying humble are two key strategies to life…and it seems as if Durant has grasped that concept. The Bible verse that Durant is referring to would be Matthew 23:12 or Luke 14:11 where it says:

“For those who exalt themselves will be humbled, but those who humble themselves will be exalted.”

Another piece of scripture that goes along with this concept of remaining humble is James 4:6 where it says:

“But He gives more grace. Therefore He says: “God resists the proud, But gives grace to the humble.”


Both of these scriptures along with many others throughout the Bible reflect on the importance of remaining humble. Humility is a very important trait to have and one that God has favor upon. It is important for all of us to be thankful for what we have, remain humble, and resist the temptation that the devil brings to be proud and cocky in ourselves. For it is not what we have done, but what Jesus has done for us.

During that same interview, Kevin goes on to say that he goes to chapel before every game and that he reads his Bible now all the time.

“The Bible both pumps me up and balances me to play my best, but it also tells me more about the Lord and how I can live for Him and what all He has done for me.”

He wears a band on his wrist that says ‘iBelieve’. Durant states that this is a symbol of his faith and he also has a tattoo on his wrist that reads “live for eternity”. Durant knows that this isn’t where he will be forever and that there is more to life than just basketball. He lives with an eternal perspective and this is something we can all take into our own lives.

“God says that’s where were all headed. And I wanna start living with that eternal perspective on everything I do now.”

Durant is a great example for many of us to stay humble and to live with an eternal perspective for Christ. I challenge you to ask yourself, where are you headed?

Julius Erving Giving Up Control

The Julius Erving jersey seen above is one of the best NBA throwback jerseys of all time. Many people refer to Erving (also know as Dr. J) as one of the best players during his time. Julius sure could play the game at a high level and people all across the country loved watching him play. While he was extremely great at the game of basketball, Erving knew he was not in control. He even stated in an interview with Sports Illustrated that he has felt powerless during times in his life.

Feeling Powerless

Julius said that he felt powerless when his brother passed away in 1969. He felt then that he was powerless and knew that he was not in control. Erving believes a lot of his life was destiny. When hearing Dr. J talk about his life it shows just how powerless not only Dr. J is, but that all of us are. We are not in control of our own lives, but there is a great God who is…Jesus Christ. Julius goes on in the article and interview to say that he has divided his life into three phases. During the third phase is when he made the biggest decision of his life. To accept Christ.

“In the third phase I just went on taking things as they came, and I became Dr. J, and that lasted until I was 29. That was when I accepted Christ.”

Biggest Decision

There is no more important decision in ones life than the decision to accept Christ. Julius realized this and made that decision at the age of 29. He knew he was not in control. Dr. J was seen as so powerful within the sports world and on the court. Erving was one of the best to ever play the game, but at the same time he knew he was not in control of his own life. This goes along with a couple different verses in the book of Proverbs. In Proverbs chapter 19 verse 21 it says,

“Many are the plan’s in a person’s heart, but it is the Lord’s purpose that prevails.”

Another verse from the same book in the Bible is Proverbs 16:9 which goes on to say,

“The heart of a man plans his way, but the Lord establishes his steps.”

What these verses show us is that we are not in control. We can have certain plans in our mind and hearts of what our life will be like or what we want to happen, but in the end it is not up to us. We are not in control of our own lives. God’s purpose for our lives is what will happen and it is important for us to realize this and surrender our lives to Christ. God has great plans for us all and He is the one who will establishes our steps. Erving knew he was not in control and that he could be gone tomorrow. This is true for all of us. So, let me ask you…what will you do while you are here on earth? Will you continue to try to have control of your own life? Or will you surrender to God, watch him establish your steps, and see the great purpose He has for your own life?

Do You Have A Favorite?

With all of these jersey changes and different types of NBA throwback jerseys that have come through the years every fan has their own favorite. Do you have a favorite player or a certain design that you liked the best? Do you enjoy the classic jerseys worn by guys like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Patrick Ewing? Or do you like the more unique jerseys worn by Vince Carter, Grant Hill, and John Stockton? Check out some of the most popular NBA throwback jerseys below!

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  2. thomas g

    I have never worn a sports jersey other than my own and a friend who played pro baseball. This article made me think about one though because it is a throwback. If it was a famous person in the NBA it would be Julius “Dr J” ervin, or his old teammate the first six man of the year, Bobby Jones. I loved him too and THAT would be unique. Do you have to buy what is offered or can you request names?

    • There are all kinds of different jerseys you can get! You are also able to make your own custom jersey and create your own if you would like. If you are looking to get a Julius Erving jersey click HERE or check out the rest of the site! Hope you are able to find what you’re looking for!

  3. I really enjoy watching how some of the jerseys in professional sports changes overtime. A lot of the jerseys you mentioned I remember during the 90’s. Even though I was young, I’m from Chicago and a ton of people tuned in to watch Jordan play during that time period here. The Bulls haven’t had a ton of major changes to their jerseys though I feel like, only minor changes I think. They have come out with new jerseys that they wear once or twice per year though lately (I like the grey short-sleeved one they’ve worn a few times since 2015). Seeing throwback jerseys is sort of like a reminder of my past sometimes for me. It’s nice to reminisce. Thanks for sharing!

    • I am glad that you enjoyed. Yes, the Bulls are one of the teams that haven’t had a whole lot of change. I agree though, they do still rock some pretty slick jerseys!

  4. cool site, talk about a blast from the past, how about the shorts they wore back then, brings back memories, great informative site, thanks for that.

    • Yes, the shorts they wore were a lot shorter in length than today. Glad you enjoyed, thank you!

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