Baltimore Ravens jerseys

Ray Lewis jersey

Baltimore Ravens jerseys are some of the most popular jerseys in the game of football. The Baltimore Ravens are a professional football team that competes in the North Division of the American Football Conference. This conference is within the National Football League. Many people all across the country own their very own Baltimore Ravens jerseys. There have been some legendary players come through this organization even though they haven’t been around as long as some other teams. The Ravens have had some good years as well. Just like every team in the league, they are hoping to make it back to the Super Bowl sooner than later.

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Expansion Team

The Baltimore Ravens have not been around nearly as long as some of the other teams in the NFL. The Ravens organization came to be in the year of 1996. The owner of the Cleveland Browns at the time was planning on moving the team from Cleveland to Baltimore. Instead of moving the whole team, the owner was granted an expansion team and this is what helped to begin the Baltimore Ravens. The owner was allowed to take some of his own personnel to the city of Baltimore. The Ravens had started to develop and this is when the Baltimore Ravens jerseys truly got started.

Successful Years

Baltimore Ravens jerseys seem to sell quite well when they make the playoffs and make a run at the Super Bowl. That seems to happen with just about any team. Although the Ravens are a fairly new team, they have had many successful seasons over the years. The Ravens have made the playoffs in ten seasons. They became division champs in four of them in the years of 2003, 2006, 2011, and 2012. In the years 2000 and 2012 they became conference champions. In those same years they became Super Bowl champions. The Ravens have not gone to a Super Bowl and lost. They are hoping to forever keep that streak going. The Ravens have had much success and so the Baltimore Ravens jerseys have become rather popular.

Super Bowl 2000

The Baltimore Ravens had a successful year in 2000 and ended up finishing the season 12-4. They clinched the Wild Card spot and were heading to another playoff. They made it past all the teams and made it to the Super Bowl to face off against the New York Giants. The Giants were a great team, but the Ravens were even better during this championship game. The Ravens defense was extremely strong that day and had four sacks with five turnovers. They ended up defeating the Giants by a score of 34-7. The city of Baltimore exploded with excitement and the Ravens had just won their first Super Bowl. People all over the country were buying these Baltimore Ravens jerseys.

Super Bowl 2012

2012 was another great season for the Baltimore Ravens. They had a successful season and went 10-6. They had sneaked by in a couple close games, but made it back to the Super Bowl to face off against the San Francisco 49ers. During this championship game the Ravens took a 28-6 lead, but then there was a power outage and the game had to be stopped for a little while. Once the game had resumed, the 49ers scored 17 straight points. They sure had cut the lead and made it a very close game. Many Ravens fans were getting nervous, but the city of Baltimore was able to hold on and win its second NFL championship. The Ravens were the 2012 Super Bowl champions and Baltimore Ravens jerseys were flying off the shelves.

Legendary Players

Baltimore Ravens jerseys

Lamar Jackson jersey

The Baltimore Ravens have had some very successful players come through their organization during the short time they have been around. Some of these great Ravens players include guys like Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, and Jonathan Ogden. Ray Lewis is the most notable name out of these three and the Ray Lewis jersey sure is a famous one. Ray played the linebacker position and is considered as one of the greatest to ever play that position. He was a powerful force and was one of the toughest guys on the field. Lewis knew how to hit some people and knew how to hit them hard. He has one of the most sold Baltimore Ravens jerseys.

Current Players

Along with the legendary players from the Baltimore organization, there are some current super stars on their team today. Players on this Ravens team include guys like Lamar Jackson, Joe Flacco, and Terrell Suggs. These are just some of the players that the fans in the city of Baltimore love to watch. They have a lot of solid players and it will be fun to watch and see if they are able to lead them to another Super Bowl. These current stars have their names on a lot of Baltimore Ravens jerseys.

M&T Bank Stadium

Many Baltimore Ravens jerseys are sold at M&T Bank Stadium. This is the home of the Baltimore Ravens and where they play lots of their games. This stadium is a great facility and fans love coming here to watch the games. It is located in the city of Baltimore and opened in 1998. The stadium can fit a little over 71,000 people and it had cost around 220 million dollars to build. That is quite a lot of money, but it seems to have been worth it. There are five levels within the stadium. It is located near Camden Yards which is the home to the cities Major League Baseball team; the Baltimore Orioles. Natural grass is the playing surface at M&T Bank Stadium. The grounds crew is sure to keep it very nice which is always nice. It doesn’t get much better than fresh and nice grass.

Baltimore Ravens Jerseys

Baltimore Ravens jerseys are a hot item in the city of Baltimore and all across the country. Whether that’s from a legendary jersey to a current super stars jersey. Some fans also like to create their very own custom NFL jerseys. It is cool to have your own name on the back of an NFL jersey. These Ravens jerseys are made up of the colors of black, white, gold and purple. The Baltimore Ravens jerseys have some great designs and color schemes. When do you think they will be able to bring this jersey back to the next Super Bowl? Please leave comments below!

  1. Your website has some great player details. It’ll be interesting to see if Lamar can get on the field a lot this season. He’s a superstar in the making for sure. I’ll be sure to come back to visit when I do my Christmas shopping. Great stuff!

    • Thank you, it sure will be interesting to see how Lamar plays and where the game takes him! If you’re looking to get a Lamar Jackson click HERE!

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