Baltimore Orioles jerseys

Cal Ripken Jr. jersey

This professional baseball team, the Baltimore Orioles, competes within Major League Baseball. Baltimore Orioles jerseys sell all year round to people all across the nation. There are many young kids who hope to one day put those orange and black Baltimore Orioles jerseys on. The Orioles compete in the American League East Division and have had many successful seasons. They have had some changes throughout the years, but the fans of Baltimore still support and cheer on their Orioles. Some Baltimore Orioles jerseys are quite popular.

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Road To Baltimore

The Baltimore Orioles organization has been around for quite some time. They were one of the original teams that were a part of the American League. The Orioles were formed in 1901 and started out in the city of Milwaukee. This was prior to any Baltimore Orioles jerseys being produced. After the first year in Milwaukee, the team then relocated to the city of St. Louis. They became the St. Louis Browns and actually stayed there for a while. The organization had some success in the city of St. Louis, but in 1954 they had a change of ownership and would be switching cities again. The franchise was sold to some Baltimore businessmen and this is how they moved to the city of Baltimore. They began to form and Baltimore Orioles jerseys would begin to be made.

Solid Seasons

The Orioles have had a lot of successful seasons. Throughout their many years that they have been an organization they’ve made it to the playoffs twelve times. People love wearing their Baltimore Orioles jerseys especially around playoff time. The Orioles have clinched the wild card spot three times in the years of 1996, 2012, and 2016. They won the East Division titles nine times…the last one being in 2014. The East division is a hard one to win as they have to face off against the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox. The Yankees and Red Sox are never an easy match up. Baltimore has won the American League pennant seven times. The World Series title has been theirs to claim just three times in the years of 1966, 1970, and 1983. Nothing compares to bringing home that championship trophy at the end of the year.

Legends In Baltimore

Many players have played in the Baltimore Orioles organization, but there are only a few whose numbers have been retired by the Orioles. These are the true legends and whose Baltimore Orioles jerseys are of high value. These players include Frank Robinson, Brooks Robinson, Earl Weaver, Jim Palmer, Eddie Murray, and Cal Ripken Jr. The Brooks Robinson jersey and the Cal Ripken Jr. jersey are two of the most popular Baltimore Orioles jerseys. Brooks is considered as one of the best third baseman to ever play the game of baseball and Ripken set an MLB record that may never be broken. Cal set the consecutive games played record at 2,632. That is insane. These guys are just some of Baltimore’s finest and their Baltimore Orioles jerseys mean a lot to the organization.

Current Orioles Stars

Baltimore Orioles jerseys

Chris Davis jersey

Although the Baltimore Orioles have had some great players in the past, they have some phenomenal players who are currently with them as we speak. Some of the most popular Orioles include guys by the name of Chris Davis, Mark Trumbo, and Alex Cobb. Cobb is one of Baltimore’s pitchers, while Davis and Trumbo are both position players. Chris and Mark sure have some juice in the bat and know how to hit the ball out of the yard. The fans always enjoy watching these guys take other pitchers deep and put runs up on the scoreboard. These players have some of the most popular Baltimore Orioles jerseys. They seem to sell quite often. You will see Trumbo, Davis, and Cobb on the back of many Baltimore Orioles jerseys at Camden Yards.

Camden Yards

Camden Yards is home to the Baltimore Orioles and has been since 1992. Camden Yards was built to take the place of the Orioles old ballpark. The stadium is located in the city of Baltimore and real close to the Baltimore Ravens stadium. You will see many Baltimore Orioles jerseys in the same location as Baltimore Ravens jerseys. Baltimore loves their sports teams. Camden Yards is a beautiful park and had a record attendance of over 49,000 people. The stadium cost around 110 million dollars to make. It was well worth it in the eyes of many Orioles fans. There is a big warehouse behind right field and there is one person who is famous for hitting that warehouse. He goes by the name of Ken Griffey Jr. He sure could hit the ball a long ways and the Ken Griffey Jr. jersey is actually a very popular item today.

Battle Of The Beltways

There are all kinds of rivalries within sports. Some are bigger than others, but it seems as though just about every team has some sort of rivalry with another team. The Baltimore Orioles have a rivalry with the Washington Nationals. The two cities are very close to each other which is the main cause behind the rivalry. It gets its name from the highways that are right there within Washington, D.C. and Baltimore. There is the Baltimore Beltway and the Capital Beltway. The city of Baltimore is actually currently winning the rivalry as they have won 26 times whereas the Nationals have only won 20. Rivalries within sports are always fun to watch. There seems to be a little bit of extra energy and excitement in the air. An extra amount of Baltimore Orioles jerseys and Washington Nationals jerseys will be worn on that game day.

Baltimore Orioles Jerseys

The Baltimore Orioles have a solid color scheme with the colors of orange, grey, black, and white. The Baltimore Orioles jerseys look sharp and have some great designs. Many people all across the nation enjoy representing the city of Baltimore or their favorite players by wearing these Baltimore Orioles jerseys. The fans of Orioles Nation are hoping to see another World Series title within the next few years. When do you see the World Series trophy coming back to the city of Baltimore? Please leave comments below!

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