“Joe Cool”. The quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers from 1979 to 1992 was great under pressure. The Authentic Joe Montana jersey is a very popular item. Joe Montana was clutch in the most critical moments of the game; the 4th quarter. This is when you really need your quarterbacks to step up and that is what Montana did. This authentic Joe Montana jersey represents the legendary quarterback. The 49ers had themselves a very reliable leader of their squad and retired the number 16 in 1997. One of the greatest NFL throwback jerseys is the San Francisco 49ers authentic Joe Montana jersey.

Authentic Joe Montana Jersey

Authentic Joe Montana Jersey

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Multi-Sport Athlete

Joe Montana was from the state of Pennsylvania and grew up with an interest in sports. He played baseball, football, and basketball as a child. Basketball had actually become of very high interest to Joe during his younger years and he was very good at it. During his senior year of High School, Montana received an offer from North Carolina State with a basketball scholarship. He was considering this option due to the fact that they told him he would be able to play football as well. Joe liked the idea of playing both sports. He also had interest for his game of football from some college recruiters as well. The University of Notre Dame had watched Joe play and liked what they saw in the kid. They offered him a football scholarship and the opportunity to come play football for them.

Tough Decision

As you can see he chose to go to Notre Dame, but that decision is a lot harder than many people think. It is always a difficult decision for any student to make. Where should I go to college? In addition to just furthering his academic career, Joe had a decision to make that would be based off of sports as well. He was very talented in the athletics world. Just like everybody at that age, you want to make the best decision possible for your future. Many High School athletes have the dream of making it all the way to the professional level one day. Montana had that dream too. Joe was hoping to make the authentic Joe Montana jersey a popular one. Joe not only had the tough decision of which school to go to, but he also had to decide which sport he wanted to pursue.

Which Sport?

Montana was an all-around athlete and could compete at a high level in multiple sports. As mentioned before he was quite skilled on the basketball court as well as the gridiron. The authentic Joe Montana jersey is known today for the game of football….but what if it was different. What if Joe had pursued the game of basketball to try and create a famous and authentic Joe Montana jersey from that sport? The city of San Francisco and the 49ers franchise would have never seen the comeback kid and all of Montana’s great victories. It is interesting and crazy to see how just one decision can make such a huge impact on the rest of ones life. As you probably already know, he became extremely great at the game of football. It seems as though Montana made the right decision. The authentic Joe Montana jersey is one that will be a round for a very long time. The game of football will always remember the Joe Montana jersey.

Headed To Notre Dame

Joe accepted the offer and headed up to Notre Dame to further his education and football career. Joe didn’t start out as the number one quarterback. In fact, he went into Notre Dame listed as the seventh string quarterback. Yes, you read that right…seventh string. He had to work hard and prove himself to be worthy of the position. Montana was not handed anything throughout his football career, but he had to earn every last bit of it. Joe had a long way to fight in order to be come the starting quarterback. He had to work his way from the seventh string to number 1. He did just that. Joe took advantage of the opportunities he was given and worked hard to get to the top. He was hoping to make the authentic Joe Montana jersey a famous one.

Start of The Comeback Kid

Joe Montana was put in the game in difficult situations and many times the team was losing when Montana went in. He ended up proving himself during these games. This is when he had to show what he could do. Thats what every athlete has to do in order to make it. You have to be able to prove yourself within the opportunities that you are given. There were multiple times when Notre Dame came back to win because of Joe and his fourth quarter high pressure situation abilities. The coach saw how good Joe was under pressure and named him the starting quarterback. Joe had proved to the coach and the team that he was their best quarterback and they couldn’t afford to not have him in the game. From then on out he had a great career with Notre Dame. He was not as high on the draft list with the scouts as the other college quarterbacks in the league, but he hoped to get a shot at the National Football League.

Career Statistics

In the 1979 NFL Draft, Joe Montana was selected in the third round by the San Francisco 49ers. He was the fourth quarterback taken in the draft…but would prove to be the best one by far. There were over 80 players selected before Joe. I’ll bet those teams feel bad after seeing the type of player he turned out to be. It is funny to see how underrated this young quarterback was, both going into college and the NFL. As he entered both of these leagues, he was not seen as somebody who would become very successful. Joe sure proved them wrong. Joe Montana today is considered to be one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. At the quarterback position Joe had a 63.2 percent completion percentage, 273 touchdowns, 139 interceptions, and 40,551 yards. Montana appeared in 8 Pro Bowls and was the NFL Most Valuable Player in back-to-back seasons in 1989 and 1990. He won four Super Bowls and was a three time Super Bowl MVP. This stat line is one that not many quarterbacks are able to achieve.

“The Catch”

There are many memorable moments that came throughout Joe Montana’s career. This is helped create such a valuable authentic Joe Montana jersey. One of Montana’s most memorable moments includes “The Catch” in the 1981 NFC Championship game. This game was between the San Francisco 49ers and the Dallas Cowboys. The 49ers were down 27-21 in the 4th quarter. This is something that Joe had faced many times in his career. If there is any quarterback that you want during this critical moment, it was number 16. With less than a minute to play Joe snapped the ball and rolled right out of the pocket. He threw a game winning touchdown to Dwight Clark in the back of the end zone. The 49ers defense would hold the Cowboys and would force a fumble at the end. San Francisco won 28-27. This was just another great clutch moment for “the comeback kid”.

Clutch Comeback

Authentic Joe Montana Jersey

Authentic Joe Montana Jersey

Another great comeback for Montana was when the 49ers were playing against the St. Louis Rams in December 1989. They were down 27-10 in the fourth quarter. Many people watching this game thought it was already over and that there would be no way to comeback from this large of a deficit. Don’t speak so fast when you still have Joe behind center. He ended up leading three scoring drives down field during this fourth quarter. One of the drives included a deep throw for a touchdown. Joe Montana connected with his receiver, Taylor, for a 96 yard touchdown pass. The 49ers would win this contest 30-27. People everywhere were amazed at Joe’s ability to comeback in the fourth quarter. The 49ers ended up facing the Rams again in the playoffs that same year and would beat them again as well. The Rams couldn’t take down Montana.

Super Bowl XXIII

Another unforgettable moment for Joe Montana includes that in Super Bowl XXIII. Surprise surprise, Montana’s team was down 16-13 in the fourth quarter against the Cincinnati Bengals. There were 3 minutes left in the game for Joe to try and make one last march down field. He completed 8 of 9 passes and led a 90 plus yard-drive down field during this famous Super Bowl comeback. With 34 seconds left on the clock he threw a game-winning touchdown pass. Joe did it again. Throughout Montana’s career he has come from behind over 30 times in the fourth quarter to win and one of his greatest comebacks was that in Super Bowl XXIII. They don’t call him “The Comeback Kid” for nothing. Joe never lost a Super Bowl. Talk about having ice in your veins.

Check out this beautifully crafted comeback by Joe Montana himself in the video below which is just one of the many moments that has made the Authentic Joe Montana jersey so valuable.

End of Career

In 1993, Montana was traded to the Kansas City Chiefs. He led them to their first AFC Championship Game in January 1994. Although he played with the Chiefs at the end of his career, the authentic Joe Montana jersey will always be remembered as a San Francisco 49ers jersey. Joe Montana retired in 1994, but will always be remembered as one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. Joe Montana, also known as “Joe Cool’ and “The Comeback Kid” will always be a legend in the sports world.

Vintage Joe Montana Jersey

The Joe Montana jersey is an authentic one for sure. There is no doubt that this jersey is classic and one of the top jerseys to have in all of football. The authentic Joe Montana jersey is a good-looking jersey no matter whether you go with the red or white one. This authentic Joe Montana jersey is a little piece of history and represents just how solid of a quarterback he was. “Joe cool” was too clutch. Check out the link above to pick up your very own authentic Joe Montana jersey!

  1. Great information on Joe Montana! I definitely learned a few things 🙂 I’m a die hard Cowboys fan, but it is interesting to read about other great football players. But, yes he is definitely one of the NFL quarterbacks to remember!

    • Thank you, I am glad you were able to learn some things. Check out the Dallas Cowboys page if you get a chance!

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