authentic Dan Marino Jersey

authentic Dan Marino Jersey

One of the best quarterbacks in the history of the NLF; an authentic Dan Marino jersey is very popular among the football world. “Dan the Man”. He wore number 13 for the Miami Dolphins and rocked the green, white, and orange. The fans of Miami loved Dan Marino and are hoping to see another quarterback of his caliber come through their organization once again…but then again wouldn’t every team enjoy that. Are you looking to add an authentic Dan Marino jersey to your wardrobe?

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Baseball Star

Dan Marino is from the city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and attended Central Catholic High School as a kid. He enjoyed playing sports and played football and baseball. When we think of Dan today, we all associate him with the game of football, but at a young age he was a stellar ball player. He was a pitcher in High School and could throw a hard fastball. Marino had great arm strength, which made for a great quarterback as well. In 1978, he was drafted out of high school by the Kansas City Royals. He decided to turn down the opportunity and the money that came along with it and decided to stick with the game of football. It seemed like it worked out pretty well for him.

Sticking With Football

Dan Marino played quarterback throughout his years at Central Catholic as well and got recruited by some college coaches. He decided to stay within his hometown of Pittsburgh and went to attend the University of Pittsburgh to pursue his education and further his football career. While at the University of Pittsburgh he set NCAA passing records as a quarterback. After his phenomenal career with the University of Pittsburgh, he was hoping for a shot at the pros. Marino got his chance at the National Football League and got drafted by the Miami Dolphins. The authentic Dan Marino jersey would soon be popular.

Rookie Star

Dan Marino Jersey

Miami Dolphins Football

The Miami Dolphins picked Dan Marino with the 27th pick in the 1983 NFL Draft. Dan didn’t earn the starting quarterback position straight from the get-go with the Dolphins in his rookie season. He was sidelined on the bench for the first few weeks, but would get his opportunities to prove himself here and there. Dan was trying to make the authentic Dan Marino jersey famous. He took full advantage of the chances he got and ended up becoming the starter six weeks into his rookie season. Marino would remain there for the next 17 years.

Professional Career

During Dan Marino’s rookie season the Dolphins had 12 wins and only 4 losses. They won the AFC East and Marino threw for 20 touchdowns. He was selected as the Rookie of the Year and made the Pro Bowl as well. Dan would end up making 9 Pro Bowls throughout his professional career. The season following his rookie year, Marino would lead the Dolphin to a 14-2 record and would make a Super Bowl appearance as well. Dan Marino was off to a hot start early on in his career and became very popular. The Dolphins would end up losing the championship game 38-16 to the San Francisco 49ers. Although he never ended up winning a championship, he had many individual records.

Individual Records

Dan Marino broke records during this season though. He passed for over 5,000 yards in a single season and had 48 touchdown passes. That was more than double from his rookie season. He completely shattered this record as the old record was only 36 before Marino came through the NFL. He ended up winning the Most Valuable Player award. By the end of 1995, Dan Marino had passed the leader and held the record for career passing. He led in career passing for attempts, completions, yards, and touchdowns. This man could throw the pigskin and was one of the best the league had ever seen. Even though Dan had a wonderful career, he never won a Super Bowl. With all the records that were broken by number 13 he never accomplished that goal. Through Marino’s career he had 61,361 yards, 8,358 attempts, 4,967 completions, and 420 touchdowns. He retired in the year 2000 and then was later on inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. “Dan the Man” sure had one heck of a career as a Dolphin.

The Spike Game

authentic Dan Marino Jersey

authentic Dan Marino Jersey

Dan Marino never won a Super Bowl, he did have some very memorable moments throughout his long career with the city of Miami. One of his most memorable moments came during the 1994 season when the Miami Dolphins faced off against the New York Jets. This game was critical and was a turning point within the middle of the NFL season. The Dolphins had trailed by 18 points at one point, but had come back and cut the lead within 3. They were down 24-21 and the clock was winding down to the last seconds. Dan Marino and the Dolphins had the ball and were close to the end zone. With less than 30 seconds to play, Marino rushed to the line as if to hurry up and spike the ball to call a timeout. He went to the line and made the spiking motion to his teammates. The Jets fell for it and bought in to the gesture by Marino. They would be sorry they did. Dan hiked the ball and instead of spiking it he threw a bullet into the end zone. Marino fired an 8 yard touchdown pass to his teammate Ingram. The Jets fans were in shock on what just took place and some of the Miami fans were too. They were in a good shock though as they erupted and cheered for the stunt that Dan Marino had just pulled. The Dolphins went up by a score of 28-24 and ended up winning the game. The Dolphins took the Jets by surprise and this was one of Dan Marino’s greatest comebacks during his career. Miami Dolphins remember this famous “Spike Game” for years and years to come.

A Legend Forever

Dan Marino was one of the most legendary quarterbacks in the history of the NFL and although he never ended up with a ring on his finger from winning a Super Bowl, he sure had impressive numbers. He broke records and his jersey number 13 was retired by the Miami Dolphins. “Dan the Man’ will be always be a legend in the city of Miami. The authentic Dan Marino jersey is one that will be seen all across the game of football for a very long time.

  1. Patrick

    Dan Marino was the GOAT. This would be a great jersey to cop. I’ve been trying to decide all day between getting this jersey or a Ken Griffey Jr jersey.

    • That is a tough choice, they are both great athletes with legendary jerseys! If you’re looking for a Ken Griffey Jr. jersey click HERE!

  2. Emmanuel Buysse

    This looks like a very good jersey, with a good history, I certainly have to let it show to a friend of mine, who is obsessed by the NFL!

  3. Thank you for this nice walk down memory lane! I remember the “spike game” very clearly. Dan was one of the best QB’s in NFL history even without ever winning the Superbowl. Your post brought back good memories.

    • I am glad you enjoyed. The “Spike Game” sure was memorable and will be remembered for a long time!

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