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The Atlanta Hawks are a professional basketball team in the National Basketball Association. They compete in the Eastern Conference. The Hawks have a lot of loyal fans all across the country who own their very own Atlanta Hawks jerseys. These jerseys are made up of the colors red, gray, and volt green. The Hawks can put together some pretty stylish jerseys with those colors. With the updating of the jerseys and the new players that come through their organization the Atlanta Hawks jerseys always seem to be selling.

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Buffalo Bills

The Atlanta Hawks haven’t always been the Atlanta Hawks. This organization started out back in 1946 in the city of Buffalo. The organization began as the Buffalo Bills and they participated in the NBL. The NBL was the National Basketball League prior to the start of the NBA. The Hawks moved to multiple different cities before settling down in Atlanta and prior to the manufacturing of the Atlanta Hawks jerseys. The organization didn’t stay in Buffalo for very long before moving to Illinois. The team remained in Illinois and called themselves the Blackhawks before then again moving to Milwaukee in 1951.

Forming Of The Hawks

This team was going all across the country. While in Milwaukee they changed their name from the Blackhawks to just the Hawks. In 1955 the team moved again to the city of St. Louis. The St. Louis Hawks had a decent team, but ended up relocating one final time in the year of 1968. Yes, this time they ended up in the city of Atlanta. They had finally made it to a place where they would seem to stay. The Hawks have been in Atlanta ever since the move in 1968, but haven’t won a championship since their time in St. Louis. In 1958 while in St. Louis the Hawks had won their only NBA Championship. They are looking to bring one home to the city of Atlanta. Hopefully they will able to add that to their list of accomplishments.

Division And Conference Titles

Although the Atlanta Hawks have only won one NBA title during all of their years as an organization they have had many other accomplishments as a team. The Hawks have won four conference titles and five division titles. The conference titles came in the years of 1957, 1958, 1960, and 1961. The division titles came in the years of 1970, 1980, 1987, 1994, and 2015. It is always exciting for the city and organization when they win these titles. During these years I’m sure it created more demand for Atlanta Hawks jerseys. That is still a good amount of successful years, but they are looking for more than that. Nothing compares to winning the NBA title and each team strives for that. Just like any team, they expect greatness each and every year.

Retired Numbers

While the Hawks have had some successful years in the past, they have also had some great players play with their team. There have been multiple Atlanta Hawks jerseys retired. Some of the players whose numbers are retired include Bob Pettit, Pete Maravich, Dominique Wilkins, Lou Hudson, and Dikembe Mutombo. Bob Pettit and Pete Maravich were labeled as part of the NBA’s Top 50. That sure says just how good both of these guys were. Pettit averaged over 26 points per game and played eleven seasons with the city of Atlanta before retiring and becoming their head coach. Bob was a two time Most Valuable Player during his playing years as well. Maravich on the other hand was also very successful during his career. Pete played four seasons with the Hawks and averaged over 24 points per game. Both of these stars will always be remembered in NBA History.

Today’s Players

Atlanta Hawks jerseys

Vince Carter jersey

All of the Atlanta Hawks players whose numbers have been retired will be remembered for a very long time. The city of Atlanta has a special place in their heart for these guys. Along with these stars, the Hawks continue to have great players come through their organization. They currently have multiple stars who are on their team now. They have some old veterans mixed along with some new young rookies. Some popular Hawks names are Trae Young, Jeremy Lin, and Vince Carter. Vince Carter is one of the Hawks veteran players. He has been around the league for a long time, but still can play. He knows how to play the game of basketball and is a great mentor for the young players on the team. A Vince Carter jersey is a very popular item among basketball fans.

Young Studs

Along with having a veteran on their squad, the Hawks also have some younger players in Jeremy Lin and Trae Young. Lin has played with quite a few teams, but is mainly known for having a very successful season with the New York Knicks. He is a solid player and many fans in Atlanta are happy that he is a part of their team. Another player that brought a lot of excitement to the city of Atlanta is Trae Young. He was one of the top players in his draft class and is quite the basketball player. He was the fifth overall pick in the first round of the draft. The Hawks are excited to see where his career takes him and are hoping that he helps bring a lot of success to the organization…maybe even a ring.


Many Atlanta Hawks fans may have a favorite Atlanta Hawks jersey, but do they have a favorite manager? My guess is probably not as much as a favorite player, but let’s check out some of the previous Atlanta Hawks managers. He very first franchise manager was Roger Potter. He coached the team for a few games when they first started out as the Tri-cities Blackhawks. The very first manager for the team that we know today, the Atlanta Hawks, was a man by the name of Richie Guerin. He was the Hawks coach from 1968-1972. Richie helped lead the team to 168 victories with a winning percentage of .512 over those years. He ended up winning the 1967-1968 NBA Coach of the Year. That is quite the accomplishment and is a great way to start out as the Atlanta Hawks. This helped to create some popularity for the team and the Atlanta Hawks jerseys.

Most Victories

The coach for the Atlanta Hawks who had the most victories was a man by the name of Mike Fratello. Mike was a solid coach who led the team to 324 wins. That is a lot of victories. Mike had a winning percentage of .564 and he coached from the years of 1984 to 1990. Fratello had solid career as a coach. He too also was named as the NBA Coach of the Year for the season of 1985-1986. The Atlanta Hawks seemed to get some more attention which would help in the recognition of the Atlanta Hawks jerseys as well.

More Recent Success

Along with Mike, there have been some other successful coaches that have led the men in the Atlanta Hawks jerseys to many victories. One is by the name of Lenny Wilkens. Lenny coached the Hawks from 1993 to the year 2000. He had 310 victories with a winning percentage of .572. Lenny was named the 1993-1994 NBA Coach of the Year and he also was listed as one of the top ten coaches in NBA History. Wilkens was a great addition to the city of Atlanta and coached the stars in the Atlanta Hawks jerseys for many years. Another coach that was named the NBA Coach of the Year was Mike Budenholzer. Mike coached the team from 2013-2018 and received this award in the 2014-2015 season. He had an overall winning percentage of .520. Who will be the next successful coach of the Atlanta Hawks?

The Mascot

The Atlanta Hawks mascot is one that is very popular within the team and city. This mascot gets to wear these great Atlanta Hawks jerseys all the time. Whether he is wearing the black Atlanta Hawks jerseys, the red Atlanta Hawks jerseys, or the white Atlanta Hawks jerseys, he looks good and is always supporting the team by wearing these Atlanta Hawks jerseys. The Mascots name is Harry the Hawk and he is one of the older Mascots who has been around since 1986. Harry is very involved in the community and is involved in much more than just the basketball games. Harry supports many social programs and does a good amount of charity work. He does a couple hundred public appearances each year…outside of the games! This sure keeps him busy. Harry sure wears those Atlanta Hawks jerseys a lot!

Fun Facts

Are you looking for some interesting facts about the Atlanta Hawks? If so, you have come to the right place. Did you know the Atlanta Hawks are tied for the NBA record for the most players in an All-Star Game? In 2015, the team had four players selected to the All-Star Game. These players were Al Horford, Paul Millsap, Jeff Teague, and Kyle Korver. That is a solid amount of Atlanta Hawks jerseys making an appearance in the All-Star Game all at once. Also, did you know that the Atlanta Hawks hold the cities longest winning streak? The team had a 19-game winning streak which was an incredible streak. This was the longest in their franchise history and the fifth longest in all of NBA history. The Los Angeles Lakers hold the record at 33 games. Maybe one day the men in the Atlanta Hawks jerseys will beat that!

State Farm Arena

The Atlanta Hawks play at the State Farm Arena there in Atlanta. This is a very nice facility and is actually home to the cities hockey team as well. The arena was opened in 1999 and the Hawks have played there ever since. The State Farm Arena is located in downtown Atlanta and cost around 213 million dollars to construct. That is a lot of money, but the fans and team really enjoy their facility. It has also been recently renovate and updated which has made it even nicer. There have been many Atlanta Hawks jerseys sold in this arena and there will be many more to come.

Atlanta Hawks Jerseys

The Atlanta Hawks are one of the great parts to the city of Atlanta. People all over the city represent them by wearing their very own Atlanta Hawks jerseys. There are many fans that support this team and they are hoping to see them have very successful years in the future. The city is hoping to celebrate a championship one day. When do you think the Atlanta Hawks will win their next title? Please leave comments below.

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