The Atlanta Falcons are a professional football team that play in the National Football League. People all across the nation have been getting themselves their very own Atlanta Falcons jersey. The Falcons compete in the NFC South division. They have had some very successful years and some terrible years as well. Just like any team they have experienced the ups and downs of a season. The Falcons colors consist of red, black, and white. The city of Atlanta enjoys having this team in their city and many fans support the Falcons. Some of the Atlanta Falcons jerseys look really sharp.

Atlanta Falcons jerseys

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The Beginning

The Atlanta Falcons were first formed in 1965. There was no football team currently in the city, but they wanted to bring one there. They made a deal to create this Atlanta franchise and it started to take off. Atlanta Falcons jerseys were starting to be made. It is always hard to win when you first start out as a franchise. You have to get players, coaches, and the whole organization together. The city was behind the Falcons the whole time and were excited for the future of football in their city. The Falcons lost their first nine games, but then started to pick up some wins after that. They were on their way to becoming a more successful team.

Quality Seasons

Throughout the many years that the Falcons have been together they have had a good amount of success. They have made the playoffs fourteen different times and have become division champions six times. The Falcons have won the conference just twice and this came in the years of 1998 and 2016. They have never won the Super Bowl, but came quite close in 2016. We will talk about that devastating and heartbreaking game a little later. Although they have never won the Super Bowl, they have had lots of success and that is always exciting for the city when your team makes the playoffs. The Atlanta Falcons jerseys seem to sell more during those years. There is more excitement around the team and you can feel it in the air during playoff season.

Heartbreaking Super Bowl

During the 2016 Super Bowl, the Atlanta Falcons faced off against the New England Patriots. People all across the country were purchasing Atlanta Falcons jerseys during this exciting time. The Falcons started off extremely well and were crushing the Patriots. The score of the game during the third quarter of the game was 28-3. The Falcons had led by 25 points. Many people stopped watching the game because it was such a pounding. Fans all across the country had thought the Falcons had this championship in the bag. Little did they know it wouldn’t end up that way.

Overtime Loss

The Patriots ended up coming back and tying the game at 28 apiece. The city of Atlanta and people all across the country could not believe it. Tom Brady and the Patriots ended up defeating the Falcons in overtime to pull away this Super Bowl victory. The final score was 34-28. They had taken it right out of the hands of Atlanta. The city of Atlanta was devastated. They couldn’t believe it had ended like that. The whole nation was shocked at this crazy comeback by New England. The Falcons were left empty handed. Although they had lost the Super Bowl, many people all across the country still wore their Atlanta Falcons jerseys and continued to support this team.

Mercedes Benz Stadium

Atlanta Falcons jerseys

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The Atlanta Falcons play at Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta, GA. This stadium is quite new and just opened in August of 2017. The stadium is extremely nice and has a retractable roof. If it is a beautiful sunny day you can keep it open and if it’s rainy you can close it. The fans enjoy that because they don’t have to worry about getting soaked during a game at Mercedes Benz Stadium if the roof is closed. The cost of the stadium was not any small number though…it was projected to cost around 1.6 billion. That is a crazy amount of money, but the Falcons will enjoy playing there for a long time. Along with being the home site to the Atlanta Falcons, the stadium is also home to many concerts and some major league soccer games. Many Atlanta Falcons jerseys are sold there throughout the season.

Ring Of Honor

The Atlanta Falcons are one team that does not retire jersey numbers. That means you won’t see Atlanta Falcons jerseys retired, but what you will see is something call the ring of honor. The Falcons have the ring of honor which is how they honor certain players who come through their organization. This ring is found in the rafters of their stadium. They have about ten players who are involved in this ring, but some of the most popular names include Deion Sanders, Steve Bartkowski, and Warrick Dunn. Sanders was inducted into this ring in 2010, Bartkowski in 2004, and Dunn in 2017. These players are some who had great careers while with the Falcons. It is an honor to have your name represented in the ring of honor.

Current Stars

Two Atlanta Falcons players who have extremely popular Atlanta Falcons jerseys would be Matt Ryan and Julio Jones. The Matt Ryan jersey and the Julio Jones jersey are two that many Falcons fans pick up. These two players are great at what they do and the city of Atlanta loves coming to watch them play. The fans support and wear many other Atlanta Falcons jerseys as well. Ryan and Jones are two players that helped lead their team to the Super Bowl. They are both hoping to settle some unfinished business and get themselves their own ring. They want to win that Super Bowl and hold up that glorious trophy at the end of the season. Every player does. When do you think the Super Bowl will be claimed by the city of Atlanta?

Atlanta Falcons Jerseys

The Atlanta Falcons are continuing to build their organization and team to try and win a championship. Atlanta Falcons jerseys are sold all over the country and many people support this team. Having a professional football team in the city of Atlanta brings lots of excitement to those that live there. Will the Atlanta Falcons be able to win their first championship in the next few years? Please leave comments below!

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