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Atlanta Braves jerseys are made up of the colors of red, navy blue, and white. These jerseys have some great color schemes and are sold all across the country. The Atlanta Braves are a professional baseball team that competes in the National League East Division of Major League Baseball. The city of Atlanta really enjoys having the Braves as a part of their city. There is a lot of excitement that surrounds this team and it doesn’t get much better than going to a Braves game on a warm summer night. Young players all across the state of Georgia hope to one day put on those Atlanta Braves jerseys and be a part of that team.

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Boston Beginnings

The Atlanta Braves had originally started in the city of Boston as the Boston Red Stockings around 1871. This was prior to the Atlanta Braves jerseys. They stayed in the city of Boston for quite some time and weren’t named the Braves until 1912. They changed from the Boston Braves to the Boston Bees in 1936, but then changed back to the Braves in 1941. In the year of 1953, the team was moved to the city of Milwaukee. Milwaukee was where they already had one of their best minor league teams in place. The Milwaukee Braves were rather successful and had a winning season in their first year where they won 92 games. They had record attendance with the Milwaukee crowd as well. This city thrived around the game of baseball and loved having the professional squad there in their city.

Moving To Atlanta

The Milwaukee Braves moved to Atlanta in 1966.The organization was sold to another owner and so they had to decide if they wanted to stay in Milwaukee or pursue a different market. The city of Atlanta was on the rise and was continuing to grow. This is one of the reasons why they decided to move the team to this city in Georgia. This was the first start to the Atlanta Braves jerseys and the people in the city were excited to have this major league baseball team arrive.  The Braves actually had a winning season in their first season in Atlanta. The team had 85 wins with 77 losses. The Braves have had many mediocre and losing seasons, but they have also had a lot of great years as well.

World Series Titles

The Atlanta Braves have had a good amount of success over the years as an organization. They have won three World Series titles and those came in the years of 1914, 1957, and 1995. It doesn’t get much better than winning the World Series and bringing that championship back to your hometown. The Braves organization has got to experience that three times. Their most recent World Series title came in 1995 when they faced off against the Cleveland Indians. They had phenomenal pitching which sure helped them get that far and win it all. Atlanta Braves jerseys continued to sell and even more so when they became champions.

Playoff Appearances

Although winning the World Series is as good as it can get and is the ultimate goal, the Braves also had some other successful seasons. They have won the National League pennant seventeen times since inception. They have won the East Division title thirteen times and the West Division title five times. That is a solid amount of good years as a team. Making the playoffs can never be taken for granted and it is always special. Each year is a different team with different players or coaches…but always the same goal. Every team wants to make it to the World Series and have that ring on their finger at the end of the season. Atlanta Braves jerseys have become quite popular especially among the fans of Atlanta. There is always extra excitement in the air when October baseball comes around.

Sun Trust Park

Atlanta Braves jerseys

Freddie Freeman jersey

The Atlanta Braves play at Sun Trust Park which is located in the downtown city of Atlanta. Many Atlanta Braves jerseys are sold here. This is an extremely nice park and was just finished and open in 2017. The Braves have played at the site ever since 2017. The stadium cost around 622 million dollars to construct and build. That is a lot of money, but the team I’m sure will make it back. Fans love coming to this stadium to support their team. The stadium has held over 42,000 people and this record attendance came during the 2018 postseason. It is always exciting when a team gets a brand new stadium and I’m sure the Braves will have Sun Trust Park as their home location for a long time.

Old Players

There have been many successful players come through the Atlanta Braves organization. From great hitters to great pitchers. Many Atlanta Braves jerseys and numbers have been retired. The most popular retired numbers from the Braves include players like Dale Murphy, Chipper Jones, Greg Maddux, John Smoltz, and Hank Aaron. Murphy, Jones, and Aaron were extremely great hitters and knew how to swing the bat. Aaron was the home run king for a long time before the record was broken by Barry Bonds. Maddux and Smoltz were both great pitchers. These pitchers helped win many games for the Braves and helped lead them to having one of the best pitching staffs in the league. Many people all over the country have these players Atlanta Braves jerseys. They were some super stars and will be remembered by the city of Atlanta for a long time.

Today’s Players

The Atlanta Braves today have lots of great players and some young studs as well. These players include guys like Freddie Freeman, Ronald Acuna Jr., Ozhaino Albies, Ender Inciarte, and now Josh Donaldson. Donaldson just recently joined the Braves squad. They have some young stars in Acuna and Albies who have seemed to really shine for the team. Those guys know how to hit the ball out of the yard. Freddie is one of the older players on the Atlanta team and a Freddie Freeman jersey is a popular one among fans. All of these players Atlanta Braves jerseys sell rather well and are seen quite often. The Braves have some great young talent. They are hoping to bring home a championship to the city of Atlanta.

Atlanta Braves Jerseys

The Atlanta Braves are a great organization within Major League Baseball and are continuing to grow. They have had some solid legendary players come through their organization and today they have lots of young stars. It will be fun to watch how the team performs over the next few years. There are some great Atlanta Braves jerseys out on the market. When do you see the Braves winning their next World Series title? Please leave comments below!

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  1. Hello Paul, I appreciate the walk through Atlanta Brave history. Baseball, the great American pastime, Atlanta an exemplary American City whose population continues to enjoy competitive baseball played at the highest degree. It seems the Braves are overdue for a spot in the Big Show. Perhaps 2019 will be their time. Doc

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