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People all over the state of Arizona and across the country are rocking the Arizona Diamondbacks jerseys. Fans love this organization. The Arizona Diamondbacks are a professional baseball team within Major League Baseball. The Diamondbacks compete in the National League West Division. They have had a decent amount of success over the years. This Arizona organization is based out of Phoenix. These Arizona Diamondbacks jerseys seem to always be selling.

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New Arizona Franchise

The Arizona Diamondbacks have only been around for 20 years or so. The team first began in the 1998 season. This is when Arizona Diamondbacks jerseys first began to be made. In 1995 the city of Phoenix was granted the opportunity to have an expansion franchise and that’s just what they did. They started to put together and build the Arizona Diamondbacks. After they were completed the Diamondbacks were voted into the National League and played its first game in the 1998 season. The Diamondbacks played their very first game against the Colorado Rockies who compete in the same division as them.

Chase Field

Ever since the very beginning of the organization the Arizona Diamondbacks have had one stadium as their home field. The Diamondbacks play at Chase Field and have done so since 1998. Chase Field is located in the city of Phoenix. The stadium helps bring in many fans as it is very nice and of course they love to support their Diamondbacks. Chase Field was formerly known as Bank One Ballpark, but they changed its name once the merger took place with JP Morgan Chase & Company. This stadium has a pretty special feature. It has a retractable roof that goes over top of the natural grass playing field. This was the first one of its kind and was very interesting to see being built. The stadium can hold around 50,000 fans and cost about 354 million dollars to construct. The city of Arizona has a nice stadium with Chase Field.

Organization’s Success

The Arizona Diamondbacks have had a decent amount of success since their inception in 1998. The organization has made multiple playoff appearances. They ended up winning the National League West division and advancing to the playoffs in the years of 1999, 2001, 2002, 2007, and 2011. In 2017, the Diamondbacks won the Wild Card Game which granted them the playoff berth. It is always exciting for a city when their team makes the playoffs. There were many people all over the state and country buying themselves some Arizona Diamondbacks jerseys. Out of all these years advancing to the playoffs they did end up having one very special season and that was in 2001.

World Series

In 2001, the Arizona Diamondbacks made it all the way to the World Series where they faced off against the New York Yankees. This series was a very dramatic one and went all the way to seven games. The Diamondbacks had won three and the Yankees had won three as well. The entire season had now come down to this final seventh game to determine who the World Series Champion would be. The Yankees were winning going into the bottom of the ninth inning. They even had their big closer in, Mariano Rivera. The Diamondbacks didn’t give up though and decided to make a comeback. In the bottom of the ninth with the bases loaded, Luis Gonzalez hit a walk off championship winning base hit up the middle. The crowd erupted in excitement. What a way to end the season. The team had just won its first World Series title.

Underrated Moment?  

Is the Luis Gonzalez come from behind game winning hit in Game 7 of the 2001 World Series an underrated moment in the sports world? Let’s recap the entire situation. The Diamondbacks were facing off against the New York Yankees who were considered the big dog in the fight. Arizona was losing in Game 7 (the do-or-die game) of the World Series and put themselves in a position where they had to face arguably the greatest closer the game of baseball has seen in Mariano Rivera. Many people wrote this game off with Mariano on the mound. Three outs and the Yankees were champions. That was Mariano’s job…that’s what hes always done. Not only did they upset the best closer, but they did it in walk off fashion. That’s what you dream about as a young ball player. Game 7. World Series. Come from behind game winning hit to upset the best team and win the championship. Luis Gonzalez had become a hero. He made a moment for himself that many only dream of. So, what did you decide? Is this moment underrated? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments along with any other moments in sports that you think may be underrated. Let us know! 

Today’s Stars

Arizona Diamondbacks jerseys

Paul Goldschmidt jersey

It is very exciting to win a World Series and the city of Arizona is looking for its next World Series title. Many Arizona Diamondbacks jerseys sold due to this championship victory. Along with this excitement, it is also very exciting when there are All-Star type players who come through your team’s organization. Some of the Diamondbacks top players today include Paul Goldschmidt, Zack Greinke, and Jake Lamb. These are just some of the stars that the fans love to come watch play. Many people will come to the games to support and watch their favorite player. A lot of these stars have the top selling Arizona Diamondbacks jerseys. The Diamondbacks are hoping that these players will be able to bring them back to another World Series.

Retired Jerseys

Along with the superstars of today, there are many older players who have had much success when they once played with the Diamondbacks. This Arizona organization has had some players play for them that they will never forget. The Diamondbacks have two players in particular that they pay a special tribute too. The Arizona Diamondbacks have retired two players’ jerseys and those two athletes were Luis Gonzalez and Randy Johnson. Gonzalez was the player you heard about who had the walk off game winning hit in the seventh game of the World Series. The city of Arizona will forever love Luis. Randy Johnson was a pitcher for the Diamondbacks and was an absolute flamethrower. The man could throw some heat. He helped the Diamondbacks win many games and he was a part of their World Series Championship run as well. It is an honor to have your jersey number retired.

First Manager in Buck

There have been multiple different Arizona Diamondbacks jerseys with the Manager’s names on the back of them instead of the players names. About nine managers have coached this organization since its inception in 1998. Some of these men have had great careers with the Diamondbacks while others had not so good years. There have been Managers who have stayed for many years and some who have only been able to hold the management position for a short time. The very first manager for the diamondbacks was Buck Showalter. He coached the team for three seasons from 1998 through the year 2000. Buck had a decent record those three years. They ended up winning more games than they lost which is always a good sign. Buck and the Diamondbacks had a record of 250 wins and 236 losses. His win percentage was 514%. Being the birth of the franchise, I can only imagine there were many new fans who were looking to get their very own Arizona Diamondbacks jerseys. The Arizona Diamondbacks were a new fad! 

The World Series Manager

The manager for the Arizona Diamondbacks that came after Buck may be one of the franchises and cities favorites. His name was Bob Brenly and he was able to help bring some great success to this new organization. Bob coached from 2001 to 2004 and man did he make a mark. Not only did he help the team win 303 games over this span, but he also helped the team win their first ever World Series title. That is a big feat. To be able to be the manager who brings the first World Series title to the city and franchise is something that not many people are able to do or even have the opportunity to do. That is a once in a lifetime type of chance and Bob took full advantage of that. Winning a World Series like that against a team like the New York Yankees makes for a great story and sure is a quick way for you to become a fan favorite. Win a World Series…and people will like you. 

Management After Bob

As you can imagine, Arizona Diamondbacks jerseys were a hit after the 2001 World Series victory. People all across the country were buying their very own Arizona Diamondbacks jerseys. The managers who had come after Bob Brenly had not had the kind of success that he had. The next six managers from the seasons of 2004 through 2016 would all have losing records. None of these men were able to win like Bob was and they all had winning percentages below five hundred. The next manager to have some success is the teams current manager today, Torey Lovullo. Torey has been a solid coach so far and has a winning percentage of 540%. He is hoping to continue winning games and even increase that percentage. Torey wants to bring a championship back to the city of Arizona and he may just be the man who can do it. There’s only one way to find out if he will manage Arizona’s next World Series championship team…watch and see. Lovullo is hoping to be a part of the second franchise title and is looking to make the Arizona Diamondback jerseys quite popular again. 

Team Records

There are multiple different players that make up the Arizona Diamondbacks team records, but there are two players in particular who hold most of those records. I’ll bet you could guess who they are…Luis Gonzalez and Randy Johnson. Luis holds the majority of the Diamondbacks hitting records. He holds the record for number of at-bats, hits, runs, walks, doubles, home-runs, and RBI’s. Gonzalez is a leader in many categories and that is quite an accomplishment. Johnson is the Diamondbacks record holder in most of the pitching categories which include earned run average, wins, innings, starts, strikeouts, complete games, and shutouts. Randy was one of the best in the league. Those are a lot of categories to hold the organization’s records in. That says a lot about the types of players that Luis Gonzalez and Randy Johnson were. Their Arizona Diamondbacks jerseys will always be remembered.

Random Facts

Wanting to learn something new and hear some fun facts about the Arizona Diamondbacks? You’ve come to the right place. Did you know that the Diamondbacks are one of the most charitable teams in all of Major League Baseball? This franchise has raised over fifty million for charities and is on their way to one hundred million. They believe in the importance of giving back and that is such a great thing to see. The organization believes they will be able to get to the mark of one hundred million quicker than they got to fifty. The Diamondbacks just seem to be getting started in their giving. This is a great example and lesson for all of us as it shows the importance of helping others and being a part of something much bigger than yourselves. I believe this is what success looks like…giving back and helping have a positive impact on the people around you. The Diamondbacks seem to be doing just that and are looking to grow and continue that giving.

The Million Dollar Guess

What if I told you that a lady won one million dollars at a Diamondbacks game because she made a correct guess? That would be crazy, right? Well, in July of 1999 one fan did just that. A 31 year old lady by the name of Gylene Hoyle was picked to be a part of a contest. Little did she know it would change her life. The contest was to pick a Diamondbacks player and the inning in which that player would hit a Grand Slam. If the player you had picked ended up hitting a Grand Slam during that inning then one million dollars was yours. The chances of this actually happening seemed to be nearly impossible, but the luck was on Gylene’s side. She decided to pick Jay Bell to hit a Grand Slam in the sixth inning. Just as she had predicted, Jay hit a granny in the sixth inning and just like that Hoyle had become a millionaire. Can you imagine the expression and reaction of that young women. I’ll be she became an even bigger fan of Jay Bell and who knows she may have even bought the Jay Bell Arizona Diamondbacks jersey!

The Mascot

There seems to be one person at the Arizona Diamondbacks games every day who is always supporting them and wearing those Arizon Diamondbacks jerseys. This would be the mascot; D. Baxter the Bobcat. This Bobcat is always repping the Arizona Diamondbacks jerseys whether its one of the older jerseys or one of the newer Arizona Diamondbacks jerseys. D. Baxter will war the white, black, red, or other colored Arizona Diamondbacks jersey. The fans seem to love this mascot, but the funny thing to me is that their mascot doesn’t really match their name. The Diamondback is in reference to the snake, and yet their mascot is a type of cat. This is odd.

Child’s Idea

So where did this mascot come from? The one who reps the Arizona Diamondbacks jerseys. It is funny because the idea for this mascot actually came from a child. The son of the Arizona Diamondbacks second baseman, Jay Bell, had come up with this idea. His son’s name was Brantley. Brantley camee up with the idea of a bobcat as the mascot because they team played at Bank One Ballpark…abbreviated as BOB. Jay decided to tell management about his son’s idea and it has taken off as you can see. It sure is funny to hear about how some names and different ideas come about. So the next time you see D. Baxter the Bobcat wearing one of those incredible looking Arizona Diamondbacks jerseys, you will know where the idea for him had all started.

Arizona Diamondbacks Jerseys

The Arizona Diamondbacks have a great baseball team and they are looking to make it back to the World Series again. The fans in Arizona support and love their team. The Arizona Diamondbacks jerseys are made up of multiple colors and the people seem to enjoy them. When will the Arizona Diamondbacks win another championship? Please leave comments below.

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  1. Todd P Matthews

    This is great for all Diamondbacks fans, especially those who love the history of their franchise and the epic feat they achieved back in 2001 when they upset the Yankees in the World Series. I would share this with any and all Diamondback fans who are interested in learning more about their team, and especially those looking to get their hands on some awesome new Diamondbacks apparel.

    • That 2001 season sure was something special there in Arizona. Thank you, I am glad you enjoyed the read and hope to see you back here shortly!

  2. Paul,
    Great read on Diamonbacks history. I live in the St. Louis area, this is important as the Cardinals just signed Goldschmidt for a year, his jersey will now have Redbirds on it. Now that is a team with some history, only the Yankees have won more World Series.
    How do you think the Diamondbacks will do next year.

    • Yes he was recently traded! Goldschmidt will now be having a new jersey! I think the Diamondbacks could have another successful year if they are able to develop some of there young talent.

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