Arizona Cardinals jersey

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The Arizona Cardinals are a professional football team in the National Football League. This team is located out of the Glendale, Arizona area. They compete in the NFC West division and there are many Arizona Cardinals fans all over the country. Arizona Cardinals jerseys are selling continuously throughout the year due to their large number of fans and supporters. They have had many solid players come through their organization and even have some stars on their team today. The Arizona Cardinals jerseys are made up of the colors red, black, and white.

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Young Chicago Years

The Arizona Cardinals were founded all the way back in 1898. They are the oldest professional football team in the United States today. Arizona Cardinals jerseys are some classic ones. The Cardinals started out in the city of Chicago as the Morgan Athletic Club. They thereafter changed to the Chicago Cardinals, but had many losing seasons. They competed against the Chicago Bears who were in the same town. The Cardinals couldn’t seem to hold up very well and became close to becoming bankrupt. They looked for a relocation opportunity and in 1960 went to the city of St. Louis.

Average In St Louis

The Cardinals remained in St. Louis for some years, but didn’t seem to have a lot of success there either. They were just an average football team and they had an extremely old stadium. Due to these circumstances the amount of fans that seemed to come to the games seemed to decrease. The owner of the Cardinals felt that it was best to try and relocate and in 1988 the St. Louis Cardinals did just that. They were heading out west.

Cardinals New Home

The Cardinals relocated to the western state of Arizona in 1988 and this is where they still remain today. Arizona Cardinals jerseys began to be manufactured. For a few years they named themselves the Phoenix Cardinals, but then changed the name back to Arizona in 1994. The team seemed to have more success while in Arizona. Although they have never won a Super Bowl they did make it to the playoffs. The fans love to see their team continuing to play after the regular season is over and the Cardinals were doing just that. In 2008 they made their first ever Super Bowl appearance. The Cardinals had a great team that year, but ended up losing. This Super Bowl appearance would bring lots of attention and attendance to the organization though. Arizona Cardinals jerseys sure were being sold around the country. The Arizona Cardinals seemed to have found their home.

Arizona Cardinals jersey

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Today’s Stars

The Arizona Cardinals have brought a lot of love from the city for their successful years and the Super Bowl appearance in 2008. Along with having a winning team, many fans like to come to the games to watch some of their favorite players. Arizona Cardinals jerseys have become quite popular. The Cardinals have had some top talent come through their city and one of the fans favorites is wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald. Fitzgerald is one of the best overall receivers in the league. He has had lots of success and is a very fun player to watch. He has been with the Cardinals for many years now. Along with Larry, the Cardinals have a new young quarterback in Josh Rosen. He is an exciting player with a bright future ahead of him. Many fans are excited to see what Rosen will do during his career with the Cardinals.

Retired Numbers

Along with the stars of today, the Cardinals organization has had many past stars be a part of their team. They have retired a few numbers and Arizona Cardinals jerseys due to the success that their success and what these players meant to the Arizona organization. These players include Larry Wilson, Pat Tillman, Stan Mauldin, J.V. Cain, and Marshall Goldberg. Out of these players, the most recent one that had their jersey number retired was Arizona Cardinals safety Pat Tillman. He was a key player to the Cardinals organization, but even more than that he was a key player to this nation. Tillman left the NFL to enlist and become a part of the United States Army. The Arizona Cardinals fans and people all over the country loved Pat Tillman and the sacrifice that he made. There have been many great players who have worn those Arizona Cardinals jerseys.


The Arizona Cardinals have had a lot of different coaches throughout the years. Some of these coaches have brought lots of success to the organization, while some of them have lost more games than they have won. Being an NFL coach is a tough job with a lot of pressure. You have a whole city that is watching your every move. Criticism is just a part of the job, but so is celebration…that is if you win. The Cardinals had a successful season in 2008 when they won the NFC title. What an exciting time that was for the franchise and the city. The head coach that led them to that great season was Ken Wisenhunt. Arizona Cardinals jerseys were very popular that year. He was able to bring the city of Arizona their first NFC Championship. Ken was able to help bring many victories to the Cardinals. He was the head coach for the team from 2007-2012. Ken won 45 games while he was with them, but the most memorable one may be the first NFC title.

Recent Management

From 2013-2017, the Cardinals were coached by Bruce Arians. Bruce had won more games than Ken and had a better winning percentage over his time in Arizona. He won 49 games and had a .619 winning percentage. Although he won many games over his few years, there was still no Super Bowl ring in the franchise. The Cardinals are looking for a coach that will bring them their first title. In 2018, they went with Steve Wilks. He went 3-13 in 2018 and just coached them for one season. In 2019, the Cardinals decided to go with a different coach. His name is Kliff Kingsbury and the organization is hoping he can help turn the team around from the season that they had last year. Will Kliff be able to help bring back a winning season and help make the Arizona Cardinals jerseys become popular again? The fans of Arizona sure hope so!

State Farm Stadium

Arizona Cardinals jerseys

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The Arizona Cardinals play in State Farm Stadium today. This stadium is located in Glendale, Arizona and was opened in 2006. The stadium cost over 450 million dollars to build and the Cardinals have been playing there ever since. Along with hosting the Cardinals, this stadium also holds the NCAA Football Fiesta Bowl and has been doing so since 2007. State Farm Stadium will also hold other events to the public during their off season months such as concerts or motor cross events. This is an extremely nice facility and can hold up to over 78,000 people which includes standing room. Many of those thousands of fans are wearing their very own Arizona Cardinals jerseys. The fans of the Cardinals sure do enjoy this beautiful stadium.

Successful Years

Although the Cardinals have never won a Super Bowl, they have had lots of success and have reached the playoffs multiple different times. The Cardinals have made it to the playoffs in ten different seasons and have one the division championship seven times. During these successful year, more Arizona Cardinals jerseys seem to sell. They ended up winning the entire conference and were named as the NFC Champions in the year 2008. The Cardinals have still had many successful years, but they are still waiting for their first championship. There is no greater feeling in the game of football then winning the last game of the season and the Cardinals are hoping they are able to get that feeling sooner rather than later. The players, coaches, and fans of this organization are wanting to show off that trophy one day.

Random Facts

So where did these Arizona Cardinals jerseys come from? Both the name and the colors? The name and colors came from the teams owner, Chris O’Brien. When the franchise was starting off, he would buy used jerseys from the University of Chicago back in the day. These jerseys were described by him as “Cardinal Red”. This organization has stuck with these colors ever since and the Arizona Cardinals jerseys got their color scheme and maybe even their name during that time!

The Mascot

The Arizona Cardinals have a fun mascot. As you can imagine he is a Cardinal, but not any normal cardinal. This mascot is much greater in size. He stands at 6’4” and has a wing span of seven feet. Talk about a big cardinal. The fans love seeing this cardinal around the stadium and on the field. This creates a fun atmosphere for the fans and especially the children. Many kids love the Crdinal and are always excited to see the mascot and take pictures together. This Cardinal mascot has been around since 1998 and I can see this Cardinal staying around for a long time. The mascot wears around Arizona Cardinals jerseys and gear just like the fans and the players!


Did you know the Arizona Cardinals have many different names? Some of these nicknames include ones like Bird Gang, Cardiac Cards, Red Sea, and the Cards. Some of those names you could have probably guessed, but some of the other ones were a surprise to myself as well! Bird Gang and the Red Sea may be my favorite ones. Do you have a favorite nickname that you prefer to call this NFL team? Or maybe you have your own nickname for this squad. Feel free to comment below with your favorite or your own nickname, I would love to hear!

Arizona Cardinals Jerseys

The Arizona Cardinals have become a staple to the state of Arizona. Many Cardinals fans have been born over the years and I’m sure there are many more to come. The Arizona Cardinals jerseys have the beautiful colors of red, black, and white and the fans continue to love the jerseys. The city of Arizona is hoping to bring home a Super Bowl championship over the next few years. Will the Cardinals be able to bring home this championship trophy to Glendale? Please leave comments below!

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  1. Arizona Cardinals must be one team with great history. Although I’ve not heard of the club before, it is obvious from your article that it’s a great one to have retired numbers. It is uite informative knowing the things one didn’t know before.

    • Yes, they sure are a team with lots of history! Thank you, I’m glad you learned a lot.

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