Anthony Rizzo Jersey

Anthony Rizzo Jersey

Anthony Rizzo Jersey

Do you like people who have a sense of humor? If so, you sure would enjoy watching and listening to a ballplayer by the name of Anthony Rizzo. Not only is he known for his humor and keeping things light, but the man can play the game of baseball. An Anthony Rizzo jersey is a great one to add to your collection. Rizzo is one of the top players in Major League Baseball today. This star is one of Chicago’s favorites and the Cubs are happy to have him. The Anthony Rizzo jersey is a good looking jersey in those Chicago colors.

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Young Rizzo

Anthony Rizzo was born and raised in the state of Florida. He attended Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School as a boy and played the game of baseball while there. Along with playing at the high school, he also attended baseball showcases to try to get notice from professional scouts. Rizzo attended the Perfect Game showcase which is a nationwide event where kids from all over the country come to attend. There are many colleges and professional scouts who attend those events. Anthony was quite the young star and got plenty of notice. Florida Atlantic University had offered Rizzo the opportunity to play baseball there. FAU is where he was planning on going for the next few years…until he heard his name called on draft day. That is every kids dream. Anthony had not only received notice from college recruiters, but he caught the eye from professional scouts as well. Florida Atlantic University did not end up getting the young star in Anthony Rizzo. Would the Anthony Rizzo jersey become famous?

Working His Way Up

The Boston Red Sox selected Anthony Rizzo during the sixth round of the 2007 MLB Draft. This sixth round draft pick would end up being a future superstar. He started out with the Red Sox in the minor leagues, but got traded to the San Diego Padres in the end of 2010. Rizzo played well with the Padres and had some good seasons while in the minors. He started to climb his way up the farm system and made his debut with the Padres in June of 2011. The Anthony Rizzo jersey was starting to become well-known. He ended up performing well for a little while before struggling again. Rizzo moved back and forth between the majors and the minors for a little while before the Padres decided to get rid of him.

Big League Debut

Anthony Rizzo Jersey

Wrigley Field

Anthony Rizzo was traded from the Padres to the Chicago Cubs in January 2012. The Anthony Rizzo jersey was now made of the chicago blue color. He started in the minor leagues with the Triple A squad before he was promoted to the big show again. He was given another chance to prove himself at the professional level. Rizzo wasn’t going to let this opportunity slip by. He was called up this time in July 2012 with the city of Chicago and this is when his career really started to take off. Right off of the bat he ended up receiving the Rookie of the Month award in just his first month in the big leagues. Throughout his career he has had many more accomplishments and awards. The Anthony Rizzo jersey was becoming popular in Chicago.

Anthony’s Awards

Along with the Rookie of the Month award that he received, Anthony Rizzo has also been a three time all-star in the years of 2014, 2015, and 2016. 2016 was Anthony’s best year so far as he won the World Series, the Silver Slugger Award, the Gold Glove Award, and the Platinum Glove Award. Many people across the country were buying their very own Anthony Rizzo jersey. Rizzo had received many individual awards, but I don’t think it gets much better than leading your team to winning a championship and getting that ring. He helped bring home the championship to the city of Chicago after 108 years. That is one sweet victory.

Bringing Home The Ring

The Chicago Cubs had a long drought and had not won a World Series since the year of 1908. Anthony had helped lead the team to the World Series in 2016. This championship series was between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians. This was a dramatic series and had gone all the way to a game seven. The Cubs ended up winning this final game of the season. Rizzo caught the final out of the World Series on a ground ball that was fielded and thrown to him by his fellow teammate, Kris Bryant. Both the Anthony Rizzo jersey and Kris Bryant jersey were flying off the shelves in Chicago. During the World Series, Anthony ended up having five runs batted in and scored seven runs. The city of Chicago was happy to have finally won the last game of the season. Fans wanted to get themselves their own Anthony Rizzo jersey and the Cubs were excited to have the star in Rizzo on their team.

Rizzo’s Love Life

Anthony Rizzo met a girl by the name of Emily while in Arizona during Spring Training of 2016. He was with the Chicago Cubs at this time Emily and Rizzo had started dating. They are still together today and seem very happy. You know she probably rocks her very own Anthony Rizzo jersey.

Beating Cancer

Anthony Rizzo Jersey

Anthony Rizzo Jersey

Anthony Rizzo started out in the Boston Red Sox organization and was playing in the minor leagues when he had realized something wasn’t right. He said that he had gone on a road trip for a series and was fifteen pounds heavier when he returned due to swelling that had occurred in his legs. Rizzo decided to go to the hospital to see what the matter was and this is when he was diagnosed with cancer. The doctors had told him that he had Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. He had just gone from being an 18-year-old kid playing professional baseball to one who was now fighting cancer. Anthony stayed strong and went through six months of chemotherapy to treat it. After a fight, he had finally received some good news. The tumors were gone and he had recovered. Rizzo had beat cancer. Perhaps this is the greatest victory that he has had and better than any during the game of baseball. There is more meaning behind the Anthony Rizzo jersey than just the game of baseball.

Bigger Than Baseball

Anthony Rizzo has his own charity and foundation today. It is called the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation and is a non-profit organization that helps those battling cancer. Anthony realizes that it is not just one person battling the disease and fighting, but the entire family. His foundation helps raise money for cancer research. Along with that they also raise money to help and support the children and their families who are battling with them. It is great to see this star giving back and helping others. That is what it’s all about. There is more to life than just baseball and Rizzo realizes that. This is bigger than baseball.

Anthony Rizzo Jersey

Anthony Rizzo is one of the top baseball players in the game today not only on the field, but off of it as well. The Anthony Rizzo jersey is being worn all across the country. He has helped bring home a championship to the city of Chicago and one could say that he has had greater victories off the field than he has on it. Now that is saying something. Rizzo is having a great impact on the people around him. Are you looking to pick up your very own Anthony Rizzo jersey?

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