Allen Iverson Jersey

Allen Iverson Jersey

Are you looking to get one of the best NBA throwback jerseys of all time? Then you have come to the right place. An Allen Iverson jersey is a vintage item and one of the best basketball jerseys you can have. Iverson was a star and one of the greatest players to come through the game of basketball. Basketball fans all across the country loved and still love Allen. He was a fun player to watch and he will be remembered in the game of basketball for a very long time.

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Football Star

Allen Iverson was born and raised in the state of Virginia. He was raised by his mom and got into sports at a young age. Iverson was quite the athlete and he played football and basketball in high school. He attended Bethel High School in Virginia where he was able to show off his ability in both sports. While at Bethel, he was a star on the football field and was the starting quarterback. Not only was he the quarterback, but Allen also played running back, defensive back, and was the kick returner. He could do it all on the gridiron and was in all aspects of the game. He helped lead the team to the Virginia State championship. As good as Iverson was at football, that sport was not even his specialty.

Another State Title

On the basketball court is where Allen Iverson truly shined. He was quite the basketball player and was a part of the Bethel High School basketball team. Iverson was the starting point guard for the team and helped lead them to a Virginia State championship as well. He was a dominant force on the court and was named the High School Player of the Year in both football and basketball. Allen only played three seasons at Bethel due to an altercation that took place with some friend groups. He received a prison sentence and was forced to complete his senior year of high school at a school for at risk students. Due to the successful three years that he had at Bethel he still received notice and Georgetown University was willing to give Iverson the chance to play with them.

The Georgetown Opportunity

Allen Iverson was very talented and Georgetown saw that. They offered Iverson a full scholarship to play college basketball with them. Allen decided to take the opportunity and was going to become one of the Hoyas. Georgetown was excited to have this young star and Iverson would show just how good he was. During his first season at Georgetown he ended up leading the Hoyas to the NCAA Tournament. They didn’t win the championship, but Iverson won the Big East Rookie of the Year Award. He had helped lead the team to many wins and a playoff berth. He was also named to the All-Rookie Tournament First Team. Iverson had a great first year in college basketball.

Leading The Hoyas

Allen Iverson continued to stand out during the rest of his time at Georgetown. He would lead the Hoyas to a Big East Title and back to the NCAA Tournament once again. This time they made it to the elite eight, but then ended up losing. Iverson fell short of the national championship once again, but had a great season and took the team quite far. Allen averaged almost 23 points per game while at Georgetown and set the school record there. He received a good amount of notice due to his skills and decided to take a shot at the National Basketball Association. Iverson would not be returning to Georgetown and would be entering the draft.

Bright Light In Philly

With the first pick in the first round of the 1996 NBA Draft the Philadelphia 76ers selected the kid out of Georgetown University, Allen Iverson. The 76ers were a struggling team, so picking up Iverson was something very exciting for the city and organization. During his first season in Philly, Allen averaged over 23 points per game and even crossed over Michael Jordan when they faced off against the Chicago Bulls. The fans loved seeing that and how Iverson could play with the best of the best even at such a young age. An Allen Iverson jersey was becoming a hot item. Philadelphia became an excited city. Check out the video below on Allen Iverson!

Rookie Record

During his rookie season he had five straight games with 40 plus points. This was impressive and Iverson had broken Wilt Chamberlains previous rookie record of three. Allen showed just how good he was in his first season. He was the best rookie in the league that year and was named as the NBA Rookie of the Year. The city of Philadelphia was hoping that Iverson’s career would only continue to take off.

Career Success

Allen Iverson Jersey

Allen Iverson Jersey

Allen Iverson continued to have success throughout the rest of his career and became viewed as one of the top players in the league. Along with winning the Rookie of the Year Award, Iverson became an 11-time All-Star throughout his career. He ended up playing with multiple different teams including the Denver Nuggets and Detroit Pistons as well. Iverson was named as the NBA’s Most Valuable Player in the year 2001 in which he had also made an NBA Finals appearance. Allen went on to be the leagues scoring champion four times and lead the NBA in steals in three seasons. Along with these awards he was also named as the NBA All-Star Game MVP in two seasons and named to the All-NBA First Team in three seasons. Iverson has received many awards throughout his time at the professional level and had a great NBA career.

Changing The Culture

Not only did Allen Iverson play the game of basketball at a high level, but he also changed the culture of the game. Many say that Allen is the one who merged the culture of hip-hop and rap with the NBA. In the early 2000’s there were not many players who openly expressed themselves the way that Iverson did and many see him as a cultural icon. Allen had lots of tattoos, earrings, baggy clothing, and head bands. During press conferences he would wear his street clothes versus dressing up nicely for it. This was uncommon back in the day when Iverson played. He was setting a new trend and set a new path for the NBA. Many people thought this was an issue and the Iverson was a controversial player. On the other hand he had received lots of support from the hip hop crowd and groups.

Allen Iverson Jersey

Allen Iverson did more than just play the game of basketball, but helped set a change and new culture in the NBA. It is important to freely express yourself and that is what Iverson did, he was being himself. Iverson will always be recognized with the greats as one of the best to play the game. The 76ers retired the number 3 in honor of Allen. Where does Allen Iverson rank among the greatest to play the game? Please leave comments below!

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  1. Todd P Matthews

    Excellent article and site! You definitely have an awesome niche here and as a huge jersey fan myself, am definitely interested in exploring this site further. Allen Iverson was one of the NBA’s best and I have a few friends who love Iverson and the 76ers. I grew up in the era where Iverson was one of the top NBA players a lot of my friends looked up to.

    • Awesome, glad to hear that you are enjoying. He sure was a star of his time. Please let me know if there are any specific athletes you want to learn more about!

  2. Ahh good article. I enjoyed reading up on Allen Iverson!

    I cannot make a call on where he ranks among the greats to play the game.

    But I am curious to know how he came to choose between football and basketball. Was he better at basketball than football? Someone that is able to play at that level in both seem to be one of the great athletes of his time. It means he would be good at any sport he turns his hand to. He would have been awesome to watch live!

    • Allen Iverson was quite the athlete and seemed to be great at both basketball and football. I’m sure he would’ve been successful at many other sports as well. Glad to hear you enjoyed the article!

  3. Very good article, Allen Iverson was one of my favorite basketball players when I was a kid, that time it was MJ, Vince Carter And Allen Iverson for me. Your article helped me find lots of new information about Allen’s life which I didn’t knew before. Mostly I was surprised that he received prison sentence, I had no idea that Iverson had behavior issues in his life. But I’m glad that he took Georgetown opportunity and became one of the greatest players of all time. Thank you for sharing this with us.

    • Allen Iverson sure does have a great story and it is awesome to see him work through the tough times and persevere. Along with his game, that’s what makes him great. Glad you were able to learn some information!

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