Adam Thielen Jersey

Adam Thielen Jersey

Adam Thielen Jersey

Adam Thielen has become one of the top wide receivers in the game of football today. An Adam Thielen jersey is a great jersey to add to any football fans collection. He is not like many other guys in the league who played at big universities and were high draft picks. Adam had a different journey on his way to the big stage. The Minnesota Vikings are happy to have this young star and are excited to see him grow and find out where the rest of his career takes him. Click HERE to get your favorite Adam Thielen jersey!

Young Dreams

Adam Thielen was born and raised in Detroit Lakes, Minnesota. He grew up as a young boy being into the game of football. Thielen loved the Minnesota Vikings and one of his favorite players to watch was legendary wide receiver Cris Carter. Adam would act like and imitate Carter when playing football as a kid. Now I’m sure there are many kids all across the nation imitating him. Thielen grew up to be a very athletic kid and participated in four different sports during high school. He attended Detroit Lakes High School where he played basketball, baseball, and golf along with the game of football. Adam and his golf team ended up winning the state championship for golf, but that sport was not his specialty. Thielen excelled on the football field and became an All-State athlete while in high school. He got some notice and his football career would not end there.

College Football

Adam Thielen Jersey

Football Field

Minnesota State University was the lucky school that got to have this young Adam Thielen join them. He didn’t play his freshman season and ended up red shirting his first year. He came back the next year and was a big part of the Minnesota State University football team. In 2010, he ended up being named as the Minnesota State Offensive Player of the Year. Adam had many receptions for the team. He was a top wide receiver and even was a part of the special teams. Thielen ended up returning the punts and did a solid job. He was fast and had many yards gained on his punt returns. Adam helped lead the team to the NCAA semi-finals. They didn’t end up winning the championship, but that doesn’t take away from the great four years that he had with the Mavericks. Thielen had twenty touchdown catches and over 2,800 yards in the four years he was there.

Multiple Combines

Adam Thielen was not one of the most well-known college receivers coming out of school and he was not even invited to the 2013 NFL combine. He did not give up on his dream and continued to still pursue a career in the NFL. Thielen attended a regional combine to try to prove himself as a player. He performed well at the combine and received an invitation to a super-regional combine. Adam put up some good numbers there and ran a 4.45 40 yard dash. After the super-regional combine, he continued to try to get looks from scouts. He went to a tryout with the Minnesota Vikings and yet again he performed well. The Minnesota Vikings liked what they saw and decided to sign Adam to an undrafted free agent contract.

Never Giving Up

As exciting as it was to be signed with the Minnesota Vikings, they shortly thereafter cut Adam Thielen and he wouldn’t be making the 53-man roster that season. They did sign him to be a part of the practice squad though. He stayed on the practice squad and would see some playing time during preseason games. The Vikings put Adam at wide receiver and special teams. He played well during a few of the preseason games in 2014. Thielen had some punt returns and made some great catches for the Vikings. They decided to sign him to the 53 man roster for the 2014 season. He had made it. Hard work truly does pay off.

NFL Rookie Season

On September 9, 2014 Adam Thielen made his NFL debut. He had a great performance and led the team in receiving that game with four catches for 57 yards. Adam had a great rest of his rookie season and would score his first few touchdowns in 2014. He received NFL Special Teams Player of the Week when he blocked a punt and then returned it for a touchdown. Along with this award Thielen was named to the All Pro Special Teams Kick Return Team. He had a solid first year in the league.

Becoming A Star

Adam Thielen Jersey

Adam Thielen Jersey

Adam has continued to have a successful career with the Minnesota Vikings in the past years. In 2015, he was named as the Minnesota Vikings Special Teams Player of the Year. He had a great year in 2017 as well and was named to the Pro Bowl and was also named as Second Team All Pro. Adam Thielen has had a great amount of success as a Viking. The organization sure is glad that they took a shot on this kid and gave him a chance. Adam went from being the kid in the back yard acting like an NFL star to now being that NFL star. From the practice squad to the Pro Bowl. He never gave up on his dream. Thielen shows that with hard work and perseverance you can accomplish your goals.

Thielen Foundation

Adam Thielen is married to his wife, Caitlin. The couple met while they were at Minnesota State University. She played soccer for the university and Adam played football. During college is where their relationship formed and took off. They got married in 2015 and have a little boy named Asher. They seem like they are very happy together. The couple started a charity together called the Thielen Foundation. Their charity is focused on helping those that are in need to reach their full potential. The foundation helps to create programs that will help kids to reach their full potential in life. The Thielen family shows that it is important to give back and help those around you.

Bright Future

Adam Thielen is one of the best players in the game of football today and is quite the athlete. The Vikings are happy to have this star and it will be fun to see where he will end up on the all-time list of stars. Thielen worked hard and never gave up in order to get to where he is today.

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  1. Good article! You wrote a short life story about Adam Thielen and I found it very interesting. I don`t watch so much american football but the story of this guy and his raising to become a star is very inspiring. His fans would love to read this and then probably look for some his jersey 🙂

    • Thank you Luka! Yes it sure is inspiring to see where he came from and his path to the NFL. Glad you enjoyed.

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