Aaron Judge jersey

Aaron Judge Jersey

This professional ballplayer stands at 6 feet and 7 inches tall with a weight around 280 pounds. Many people would not think that he plays baseball, but that he is involved in the sports of basketball or football. Aaron Judge is one of the biggest and strongest guys in Major League Baseball today. He can hit balls an unrecognizable distance and has great power at the plate. Judge is quite the athlete and the city of New York is happy to have him in their lineup. An Aaron Judge jersey is one that is very popular all across the country. Are you looking to get your very own Aaron Judge jersey?

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When Aaron was just a baby he was adopted by Wayne and Patty Judge. These two people adopted him just the day after he was born. Along with adopting Aaron they also adopted another child. As Aaron got older he knew that he was adopted. He could tell that he didn’t look like them. I’m sure that is not easy when you find out or realize that you have been adopted. Judge grew up and got involved in many different sports during his younger years and while in high school. He was born and raised in the state of California out of a city called Linden. Linden is located in the middle part of the state. Judge attended Linden High School where he competed in many athletics. He was looking to make an Aaron Judge jersey a popular item one day.

Three Sport Star

While attending Linden High School, Aaron participated in many different sports. He was a big athletic kid and so he was successful in many sports. Along with being on the baseball team, Judge participated in football and basketball. He was a star on each one of these teams. The dude could do it all. On the gridiron he played wide receiver and set a school record at Linden for touchdowns. On the court Judge knew how to score and get to the rim. He led the basketball team in points per game. Aaron was a three sport star, but the game of baseball is where he truly excelled. He was a first baseman and a pitcher and sure could hit the baseball a long way. He helped lead Linden High to the playoffs. They were happy to have him on their squad and he received lots of notice.

Multiple Opportunities

Recruiters from colleges all over the country recruited Judge and wanted him to be a part of their team. This was not only for the game of baseball, but for football as well. Schools that recruited Aaron to play tight end for them included Notre Dame, Stanford, and UCLA. These are big time academic and athletic schools. This shows just how good Judge was at football. For the game of baseball, Aaron received an offer to play at Fresno State University and also got notice from scouts at the professional level. Judge was drafted straight out of high school in the 31st round of the MLB Draft. He had a decision to make…go play professional baseball or go to college for football or baseball. This can be a tough decision for a kid at that age. What did he choose?

His Decision

Aaron Judge decided to stick with the game of baseball, but decided to forego the opportunity to play in the big leagues and took up the scholarship offer with Fresno State University. Since he was picked in the 31st round he probably didn’t get a whole lot of money offered as a signing bonus. Going to play division one baseball and further his academic and athletic career there seemed to have worked out for him pretty well. Little did he know, the Aaron Judge jersey was soon going to be selling all over the country.

Fresno State

Aaron ended up becoming very successful while at Fresno State. He helped lead the Bulldogs to a Conference championship and a playoff berth into the NCAA Division 1 tournament. It is not easy to get the opportunity to play in that tournament. During his freshman season he was named as a Freshman All-American and sure could hit the ball. In 2012 Judge won the College Home Run Derby and led the team in home runs and doubles during his junior season. The kid was quite the ballplayer and his baseball career was only beginning to develop.

The Big Apple

With just the 32nd overall pick in the first round of the 2013 MLB Draft, the New York Yankees selected Aaron Judge. They liked what they saw in his athletic ability and size. The Yankees of course also loved what he could do at the plate and how he could hit the ball all over the park with ease. Judge started out playing and developing in the Yankees minor league system for a few years. Being a first round draft pick, Aaron signed for over one million dollars. That is crazy. While in the minor leagues he struggled with a couple injuries, but he worked through them and continued to improve in his game. The Yankees loved what they saw in this young kid and in August 2016 they called him up to make his major league debut. Every young players dream had finally come true for Aaron.

MLB Debut

Aaron Judge jersey

Aaron Judge Jersey

The New York Yankees were facing off against the Tampa Bay Rays for Aaron Judges first big league game. Judge stepped up to the plate and I’m sure he had some butterflies and was a little anxious for his first MLB at bat. Aaron took a hack at the pitch and connected. The ball ended up flying out of the stadium. He had just hit a home run in his first major league at bat. What a moment. That is something that Judge will remember for the rest of his life. From then on his career began to really take off. He ended up hitting another home run in his second game too…the dude was on fire. This Aaron Judge jersey would be made in the famous Yankee pinstripes.

Rookie Success

Along with hitting two home runs in his first two games, Aaron Judge has accomplished a lot more at the professional level. Judge was named as the American League Rookie of the Month during his first season multiple different times and was also named as the Rookie of the Week. He won the 2017 Home Run Derby and was the first rookie to do so. He hit multiple balls over 500 feet and one was hit so far that it couldn’t even be measured. The man was strong and could hit a baseball a mile. Judge ended up winning the Silver Slugger Award and was also named as the AL Rookie of the Year. He holds the rookie record for home runs in one season with 52. That is quite the accomplishment and this young Yankees star has a bright future ahead of him.


Aaron Judge is a believer in the Christian faith and puts his faith above all. He believes in putting his faith first, then his family, and has baseball coming in at third. The man has his priorities right and it is great to see an athlete who puts such a strong emphasis on his faith and his family. He quotes the bible verse 2 Corinthians 5:7 on his twitter page which states “For we walk by faith, not by sight”. This is a great verse to live by and we could all take something away from the motto that Judge lives by. The thing that makes him the most popular and gives him that fame is not what is most important to him. He knows that there is more to life than the game of baseball. Where does your purpose come from?

Aaron Judge Jersey

Aaron Judge is one of the top ballplayers in the game of baseball today and he can hit the baseball a long way. Fans love watching him play and seeing balls fly all over the yard. Judge has already hit an incredible amount of home runs. The Aaron Judge jersey was flying off the shelves. Where will he end up on the all-time home run list? Please leave comments below!

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  1. My boyfriend is a huge New York Yankees fan. This would be an awesome present for him or any Yankees fan. Aaron Judge is definitely a home run master!

    • Yes, the Aaron Judge jersey is one of the most popular and sought after items! Glad you enjoyed.

  2. I’m a Yankees fan so I love Judge! Not surprising to know that he competed in multiple sports. Guy is a beast.

    In terms of the all-time home run list, I would say he’s got a great chance at 300 or 400+ homers. 500 might be tough due to his later start, but he has the potential to be consistently at 50+ per season if he can stay healthy throughout his prime.

    Thanks for the info!

    • He sure is a beast. I feel like he can definitely put up some numbers like that as well. Judge is a fun player to watch!

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